• Watched ‘How to Train your Dragon’.

We love this movie at the moment- two key lessons we can take from this movie? Be Yourself and Practice Compassion

  • Breakfast/ Dressed
  • Listened to Beatrix Potter Audio CDs in Car

If reading is understanding the content of the story or the theme, then audiobooks certainly succeed. No one would argue the importance of decoding in teaching children to read. But, understanding the message, thinking critically about the content, using imagination, and making connections is at the heart of what it means to be a reader and why kids learn to love books.



  • Looked for Avocados

Nature- Where does our food come from? Hunting & gathering.

  • Walking to the coastline & back, found & collected Pinecones on the way

Observing surroundings, enjoying nature, physically movement, adventure.

  • Climbing (rocks & trees)

Coordination, physical movement, problem solving, risk management, Spatial Awareness, Natural exploration, Tactile Experience, Different perspectives .


  • Made volcanoes with stones on the path -pointed out the real volcanoes that were surrounding us.

Creative thinking and Imagination -linking to real world/ real time surroundings (Geography)

  • Morning tea
  • Listened to Beatrix Potter Audio CDs in Car



  • Lunch
  • Play in the playground

Social interaction and playing with other children- sense of self, spatial awareness, thinking and problem solving, imagination.

  • Ride on Merry-go-round

Yet, for all of us, the merry-go-round promises discovery. As the cycle repeats, never changing direction nor diameter, our senses align to the closed circle we’re in. We sense space by moving through it. We sense time by a familiar flash point on the horizon. We are aware of nuances around us made possible only through the perseverance of the circle. Revolution by revolution, we test what we’re made of and transform our world view… refining and learning as we go.


  • Watched performances

Cultural/Group/social appreciation, music and dance.

  • Played with toys at the Adults coffee stop

Creative thinking and imagination- using leaves as pretend fires for the Fire truck to put out, social interaction & relationships- playing WITH mummy



  • Nap
  • Bath/ Dressed
  • Dinner
  • Talked about what we did today with Mayhem

Memory recall, language, reflection

“We remember what we understand; we understand only what we pay attention to; we pay attention to what we want.” – Edward Bolles


  • Outside Play (on Bikes/ in garden) while Adults ate

Coordination, movement, spatial awareness.

  • Mayhem played on his leapfrog tablet

Hand-eye coordination, problem solving, tech skills, listening and following instruction.

  • Mischief went to Bed
  • Mummy read ‘The Biggest number in the Universe’ to Mayhem
  • Mama read ‘Alvira’ to Mayhem

Comprehension, creative thinking and imagination, language

Benefits of Listening to Stories and Reading Aloud

• It is pleasurable for both children and adults!

• Very young children first begin to read by interpreting the pictures.

• Read-alouds enable children to have fun with words and learn more about language.

• Reading to children helps focus on oral language.

• Reading aloud to children eventually leads to children’s understanding of written language (connecting spoken and written words).

• Reading aloud is one of the most important ways adults can foster children’s emerging language and literacy skills.


  • Mayhem Bed