• Watched ‘Dora the Explorer’ on Maori Television -in Maori

Language- Maori/ Spanish, Math, Music, Problem solving, Observation.

  • Breakfast with Daddy
  • Mayhem- rides his bike, Mischief- plays in the garden and chases the cat- Mummy points out a spider web, she repeats the word “SPIDER” in toddler talk.

Physical/ spatial awareness, movement, nature, language.

  • Monkey- has some time on his play mat and shares smiles- before we know it his siblings have come to join him.

Interaction/ communication, relationships, social interaction.

While researchers have long known that brothers and sisters teach each other about the world, most of their observations about this have been made in a lab setting. A new study has investigated a step further by observing how children interact in their natural habitat: their homes. Through the study, investigators not only confirmed that teaching occurs naturally and spontaneously, but that both older and younger siblings initiate learning activities. What’s more, siblings acting as teachers use a variety of instructional techniques during these informal lessons.


  • We find a dead Weta outside- Mayhem gets in closer to inspect, sends ants flying and their trail is now askew. Later he finds a Beatle which gets flung at mummy (she doesn’t much like bugs) and then goes hunting for more bugs underneath loose tiles.

Curiosity, Environment, Nature.

Children beckon us to teach them about what they see, what they hear and what they feel. A child’s interest in his environment is limitless and most importantly, natural.


  • Mischief listens to the stories: ‘Catching Fish’ and ‘Elvira’.
  • Listen to Beatrix Potter Audio CDs in the car

Thinking, Comprehension, Literature, Listening, Language, Emotion- communication.

  • NapEE2


  • Lunch
  • Check out Grandma’s vegetable garden and help Dad collect Bananas off the tree

Nutrition/ health- where food comes from, harvesting/ collecting/ picking.

  • Mayhem shows Great Grandad how well he can ride his bike

Self achievement, recognition/ acknowledgement, physical/ movement.

  • Mischief plays with rocks in the garden

Exploration- texture, sound, weight, senses.

  • Mummy reads- ‘Slinky Malinki Early Bird’ and ‘The Cat in the Hat’. Mayhem says “Mummy I don’t want the cat in the Hat to visit our home when you’re not there!”

Thinking, Comprehension, Literature, Listening, Language, Imagination, Creative thinking, Rhyme, Emotion-communication.



  • Playing with their cousin- water play on the deck
  • Swim in the pool with Daddy

Relationships, interaction, Social skills- learning to share, Hand-eye coordination, Strengthening gross motor skills, problem solving- manipulating objects, language development- the water makes a pitter-patter/ drip drip/ splish splash sound, Emotional development- relieving tension (hot weather), water safety, swimming skills (holding breath, kicking, diving).

  • Mummy reads- ‘The Cat in the Hat Comes Back’ for a quiet time wind down

dr suess lessons

  • Dinner
  • Watch ‘Paw Patrol’ & ‘Bubble Guppies’

On the show, the Guppies explore different subjects by learning about them, playing make believe, and putting things into practical use.




  • Fast asleep & tucked into bed