Played with their toys

Play outdoors with Grandad in the rain

Relaxation, Bonding, relationships, exploration, nature, environment, character development, weather, water play,

Playing outdoors encourages children to be adventurous, independent and more able to asses risks. Playing in the rain is part of this experience.  It will allow children to explore new senses.  There are new smells in the air, the ground feels different beneath their feet. There are puddles to splash in. Mud to squelch in. The feeling and the sound of the rain.  This much stimulation makes  the experience feel magical.



Morning Tea

Watch Giggle and Hoot- Sing-along

Music- Drums (with Elmo), tempo, beat, rhythm, Singing (Small Potatoes)- connecting to their own experience in the rain.

Nap time

Monkey and Mischief had some tummy time on the Swiss ball

Develop muscle strength, relieve stress – as well as wind! Balance/ off balance, gravity, trust (that mummy won’t let them fall!)

Now that babies are no longer sleeping on their tummies, it is important for them to spend time in the prone position while awake. This allows them to develop the ability to move against gravity as they learn to control and strengthen their neck, trunk, and shoulder girdle. All of this strengthening and control leads to awesome skills such as being able to push their chest off the ground and shift their weight side to side, roll, sit up, crawl, and even pull to stand! Can you believe that all starts with tummy time?


Grocery Shopping

Listening skills (sometimes lack of), Mayhem helps collect items we need, Mayhem notices some pancake mixture bottles and sees that ONE of them is out of place- he carefully and neatly turns it around so that it is no longer the odd one out.

A helpful link to how kids can learn on a trip Grocery shopping.


Mummy and Monkey had a quick nap

Daddy got Mischief and Mayhem dinner while they finished watching Giggle and Hoot-sing along


Baby massage for Monkey

The Benefits of Baby Massage

“When you give your baby a massage, you’re actually stimulating her central nervous system,” explains Tiffany Field, PhD, director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine. “That sets off a chain reaction: It makes her brain produce more serotonin, a feel-good chemical, and less cortisol, a hormone that’s secreted in response to stress. As a result, your baby’s heart rate and breathing slow down, and she becomes more relaxed. ”


Mummy read Mayhem ‘The Lorax’.