• Breakfast


  • Bikes, Bubbles, Playing ‘fetch’ with Dogs


  • Watch ‘Your Baby can Read DVD’
  • Mayhem – leapfrog

Writing, reading, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, listening, following instruction

  • Mischief and Monkey- Nap
  • Mayhem plays on Computer: Fishing Farm Game

Hand-eye coordination (moving the mouse), Buying, Selling, Looking after animals, collecting goods, organization

  • Mayhem helps mummy fold washing

Home Economics, Folding in “HALF”, grouping, matching, hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, life skills, responsibility., pairing, comparing (sizes), shapes, colours, counting.

Learning Through Playing & Doing: Laundry Mathematics

As well as teaching children life skills, there can be all sorts of other learning that occurs through everyday tasks and chores. Like the early mathematics hiding in a basket of clean laundry :)


  • Mayhem Nap
  • Monkey Eye tracking and Book-‘if I were a bunny’



  • Mischief helps mummy sing ‘Monkeys on the bed’ and ‘twinkle twinkle’ to Monkey

“young children routinely exposed to music have increased verbal, emotional, and spatial intelligence in addition to improving body movement and coordination. She stresses that musical literacy at the preschool level should be defined by nothing more complicated than the ability to sing in tune and carry a beat.”



  • Morning tea
  • Listen and Dance to Music



  • Bikes and Chalk play:

While playing on the bikes(once again) we are thrown into another make believe scene- Crocodiles are attacking us! And we need to get away… as well as find special treasures! Midway through our game I decide some chalk would come in handy for this game & we begin drawing crocodiles which we need to avoid- Mayhem adds a Volcano with Lava spilling out the top… and I draw a coin with the number 2, a star with the number 1 and a magic flower- we want to collect these three “good things” whilst avoiding the “bad stuff” on our bike journey.

When Mayhem rides over the coin and star I ask him to yell out the number he sees- this soon becomes a fun game in itself and we begin to add more numbers… Mayhem wants to “write the numbers” so I dot some lines for him to trace. We draw the numbers 1- 10 on the ground and get biking!

Make believe, Creative thinking, imagination, writing, drawing, colours, number recognition, counting.




  • Ice-cream
  • Mayhem plays Fishing farm game on computer
  • Mischief read ‘Noisy Farm Animals’ book
  • Monkey and Mischief- Tummy time on Swiss Ball (Monkey kicks on his play mat while Mischief Rolls, Bounces and Balances on the Ball.

“B is for Ball, Bounce, Balance… “buh buh B!”)

  • Mayhem and Mischief add stickers to their “star chart book”

Actions and consequences, Making good choices= good rewards, gross motor skills (as they pick up and stick down each sticker, counting the stickers


  • Watched Team Umi Zoomi- Math DVD while eating afternoon tea
  • Music- Dancing


  • Bike play and chalk fun
  • Dinner
  • Showers
  • Read ‘The Lorax’ to Mayhem

“UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot

…Nothings going to get better.

It’s not. “



  • Bedtime