• Watched Daddy drive a sports car:

We excitedly looked at the cars parked in front of us- we talked about the colours we saw, how many cars we see, how many laps each car did, the cars were going FAST, the cars drive on the RACETRACK, the cars make the sounds BRRMMMM, Daddy had to wear a helmet for safety during his Hot lap.

Colours, mechanics, vocabulary, safety, counting


Exploring the beauty and nature of our backyard. We came across some beautiful scenery and beaches, we visited the Steel Mill lookout- Daddy explained to Mayhem how the steel is made & points out nails in the table, We stop at a winery- meet a lovely lady (socializing) & her dogs- the kids play “diggers” digging up the shells on the path as Daddy does some tasting.

We find some interesting letterboxes – one was a microwave!

We come across an old lighthouse- The kids walk all the way to the top of the hill and have loads of fun exploring inside the lighthouse. We check out the views and marvel at the sculptures.

  • Nap (between Hampton Downs & Glenbrook)



  • Glenbrook
  • SteelMill
  • Wattle Bay


  • Manukau Heads


  • Awhitu wines
  • Mayhem plays leapfrog
  • Orua Bay
  • Manukau Heads lighthouse


  • Bath
  • Watch Diego
  • Dinner
  • Read library books
  • Bed


Today was a great day out- exploring our “backyard”. We made some fun discoveries and the children took it all in with much enthusiasm!

An appreciation for ‘fast cars’ and nature, physical movement, experiencing bits of history, socializing- being in and around the community, and some genuinely lovely family time together. A wonderful day- full of rich learning experience and adventure!

Children NEED frequent opportunities to be immersed in a rich array of sensory experiences in order for them to foster healthy sensory and motor development.

It doesn’t matter if I’m observing in the most rural parts of New Zealand or in the city woods of Miami, Florida – something magical happens when children are allowed plenty of time and space to play outdoors. They start to overcome worries, challenge both their mind and their bodies, take their shoes off when that was initially hard to do, create new friends, and overcome many fears — all because they were given access to nature, time, and trust.