After a busy day yesterday,  today was a more casual day… some days we need to slow down- it’s good for the mind, body and soul.


Dropped Mayhem off to Kindy

We started Mayhem at kindy twice a week when  I was pregnant with Mischief.  The idea was to give Mayhem the stability of having some form of routine within his week, to not feel quite so attached to Mummy when the new baby arrived, as well as to socialize him and give Mummy a break once I had 2 on my hands.

Mischief will join Mayhem on those same days once she is 2 for the same benefits as well as to give Monkey some bonding time with Mum.. if all goes well- Monkey will start when Mayhem is of school-age (and we’ll be officially home educating – giving Mayhem 2 days a week without his younger siblings and the one-on – one time to further benefit his everyday education).

Drove to Wellsford to pick up Barry (Birthday gift for Mayhem)

Cafe brunch


Stopped in to see Nanny at work


Mischief had cuddles with Barry. Being gentle and kind.

Children who own pets are often less self-centred than those who do not, and seem more likely to develop humane attitudes such as empathy and nurturing. This helps to stimulate better social integration and social competence.

Put Barry’s cage up in a secret location (so Mayhem won’t find him)

Mischief and Monkey Nap

Picked up Mayhem from Kindy

Read library books

Played outside