• Breakfast
  • Monkey Mat time
  • Mischief and Mayhem watched Diego
  • Mayhem has cuddles with Monkey


  • Mischief Bath (after a nappy incident)
  • Monkey Bath (after spilling all over the place)


  • Read to Mischief and Monkey
  • Lunch
  • Mischief Nap
  • Monkey kicks on Mama’s bed and “chats” to mummy before going down for a nap
  • Read to Mayhem
  • Mayhem plays on Computer- fishing farm game, makes a shopping list for Mama, and learns how to use a pencil sharpener.


Making lists, gross motor development, recognition and vocabulary,  seeing and saying the names of each item, how a pencil sharpener works- exploring the fiddly skills involved in using the mechanism,  drawing, imagination/creativity. 


Mayhem Nap

Mischief has afternoon tea and watches Epic with mummy

Mischief and Mayhem find mummy’s shoes and play ‘Cinderella’ with them (trying them on), jumping on the bed and help Mama bring the shopping in…

Learning about what ‘fits’ – things being too big/ small,  Balance,  mobility, springs, up, down, safety : what happens when someone gets hurt- how could we have prevented that? & what should we do to make sure they’re okay and it doesn’t happen again? 

Helping each other. Mayhem- linking the activity of creating a shopping list- to the real contents in front of him.



Mayhem plays with rocks and his push bike… how many rocks can he take in the tray?

He talks about the rocks being too heavy, he rearranges them a few times – Says “maybe they need to be one at a time”… until he’s satisfied with an amount that won’t tip out.. and away he goes.

Dinner/ Dressed

Read to Mayhem,  Read to Mischief,  last feed for Monkey… then off to the land of nod!

…however Mayhem had other ideas…