Big day today… Daddy started his new job and Mischief had her first sleep in the toddler bed! This meant that nap and bed times would be not overly fun for mummy today…but we got there in the end!

  • Breakfast
  • Play Bikes and scooters- added cones to maneuver around- agility,  Coordination,
  • Tunnel- crawling
  • Watched Diego while mummy got the toddler bed sorted
  • Morning tea
  • Naps – took a good hour to settle the two rat bags in one room, but we eventually made it
  • Monkey sat and danced to “Monkey” music while mummy put the other two to sleep
  • Mayhem- fishing farm computer game (he’s getting very good at this game- has the concept now of farming the fish, selling eggs and saving money to buy “sharks” and the new goal of getting a “dolphin”!
  • Mischief dancesand listens to Music with mummy- she wasn’t overly excited about dancing today- she just wanted mum to hold her and dance… I saw this as a fun opportunity to “teach” her through movement the ‘language of dance’ and communication through music- we moved to the soundtrack from how to train your dragon- pretending to be a dragon myself,  with Mischief riding on my back… we weaved through clouds and danced on sun beams… as I twirled back and forwards – mimicking the tempo (faster, slower…) & the emotions as we pretended to fall at the ‘dramatic part’ and made my movements more smooth and exciting at the end… She giggled and smiled…and cried when I told her mummy needed a rest (my neck now killing me). All worth it. No doubt she’ll be pestering me for another go tomorrow!
  • Dinner
  • Drive in the car (take aways for mum and dad)
  • Bath
  • Bedtime


P.S. Meet Barry! Mayhems Suprize for tomorrow…

Because tomorrow our little terror turns FOUR!!!