• Mayhem met his new pet- Barry the Bunny

Responsibility, care for others, empathy


  • Listen to Beatrix Potter audio CD

Listening, vocab, comprehension,

  • Rocket Ropes –

climbing, balance, coordination, safety, hand-eye coordination, movement, relationship- trust, communication, counting (steps), vocabulary- karabiner, rope, climb, jump


  • Butterfly Creek- (lunch) Butterfly house, Crocodiles , Buttermilk Farm & Dinosaur kingdom…

Mayhem runs up to one of the windows and yells out “Hey guys, look! These are Cotton-Top Tamarins! They are one of the smallest monkeys and they live in tree tops!

Stunned we ask “How do you know that?”

“From Diego!” he answers

…I guess he is learning something from watching those programmes after all.

Animals, Insects, Reptiles, Dinosaurs, habitats, care, colours, empathy, imaginative play, vocabulary


  • Nap
  • Watch Happy Feet

Music, Dance, Penguins

Social-Emotional Learning  —  Friendship; Courage; Self-Esteem; Disabilities;

Moral-Ethical Emphasis  —  Responsibility; Respect; Caring

Benefits  —   “Happy Feet” is an entertaining movie with catchy songs, thrilling dance numbers, and breathtaking computer-generated Antarctic scenery. It will encourage children to accept others who are disabled or different in some way. It will encourage children who are disabled or who can’t fit in to believe in themselves and what they can do. “Happy Feet” talks powerfully about the Golden Rule. It is also a great movie for kids who are interested in dancing or singing. It also introduces children to the vital need to protect our environment.

New Words  —   food chain, journey, habitat, pollution, elephant seal, emperor penguin, Adelie penguin, fish, gull, triumph, indifference, hatching, over-fishing.