Rainy Day…

  • Mayhem Kindy
  • Mischief- Dinosaur play

The Many Benefits of Play

Play is the way children learn about themselves and the world. Through play, they:
  • Learn to get along with others
  • Sort out conflicts
  • Practice language skills
  • Develop small (fine) and large (gross) motor skills.
In addition, play encourages independence, self-esteem, creativity, and gets their energy out! It gives children much needed “down time” and functions as a stress reliever.


  • Checking out how our Bananas are changing

Nature, Nutrition, How plants work, colour- vocabulary


  • Pick Mayhem up from Kindy- stop at Library & choose some books and DVDs


  • Mayhem and Mischief Add stickers to their behaviour books

self discipline, behaviour management