Rainy Day…

  • Mayhem Kindy
  • Monkey – Plunket check up: All looks great šŸ™‚
  • Bought some library books (on sale) on our way home
  • Mischief played Dinosaurs & Blocks in front of the mirror

Reflection, Dinosaurs “ROAR”- vocabulary, creative thinking, imagination, make believe, role play


  • Watched Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs
  • Mischief plays with treasure coins- Counting (she can count UP from 2- 5 (misses the 1)…and can count DOWN from 5-2 (just gets to 2… then yells GO!) Thanks to Thunderbirds she learnt this at 18 months (now 20 months).


  • Mischief and Monkey go shopping with mummy
  • Playing on the Balance Board

Balance, centre of gravity, core toning &Ā strength, physical movement


  • Ā Had a go atĀ makingĀ GIANT Bubbles

Slow & steady- we don’t want to pop them before we start! Listening to instructions.

There really is something about bubbles that captivates us. There is something almost magical about them, especially as far as the little ones are concerned. You stand and start blowing bubbles at a party and just watch how the children stop and watch. They are fun, calming, mystifying.Ā No matter what your age we all have the urge to POP them too! That’s as far as little bubbles go! How about creating Giant Bubbles? Giant Bubbles that you can physically stand in.



  • Bedtime- We are pretending to “drive” our car mummy! says Mayhem as Mischief sits and brushes her teeth… Imagination, role play- winding down ready for sweet dreams!