• Bikes
  • Bubbles
  • Dinosaurs

Creative thinking, imaginative play, make believe, sharing (Mayhem offers Monkey the baby dinosaur to play with & Mummy can choose one too)

  • Thunderbirds

Role play- often Mayhem copies scenes from the episodes that he has watched many times over


  • Blocks- to build the thunderbirds a new Tracey Island

Creative thinking- even though he has Tracey Island, Mayhem decides to build his own one- which even has room for Lady Penelope’s car!

  • Read stories

Mayhem  runs to his room and grabs a box of books, comes back and “reads” to his little brother


  • Computer- Fishing Farm game

From just over a month ago of starting this game, Mayhem has mastered using a mouse, he has got the hang of how to work the game- by building up his fish food supply, making enough money to buy and sustain fish on his farm, and to buy and sell goods, along with saving up his money to buy SHARKS. Although his number recognition only goes up to 6 before he needs a bit of help- he can recognize when he has enough money, as the shark lights up when he has the correct amount.

It’s been quite amazing watching the progress he’s made in such a short time, and the amount of focus he has when playing this game (If you know Mayhem- you’ll know that getting him to sit quietly for any length of time can be a challenge unless he’s truly interested… and this is one of those rare and wonderful things).


  • Watch Diego Bugs World

Science, Animals, Insects, Spanish, Vocabulary, Comprehension,


  • Nap



  • with our cousin ‘Monster’
  • Dinner
  • watch Nick Jnr
  • Bedtime