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March 2016

Days 48-54

A fun filled week-

Day 48:

Baking for Buddy Walk- Aunty Hilz came over and helped us

Day 49:

Buddy Walk: A fun day out supporting the Down Syndrome Association

Our cousin “Tricky ” was born with Down Syndrome and every year we have a lot of fun joining in at this awesome charity event and day out…

– Our cookies and cake were sold at the cake stall

-Walked 3.5km

-Ate lots of treats

-Danced and watched some fantastic entertainment

-Bounced on the jumpy castles, went on the merry go round, played on the cars and watched HUGE bubbles being made

-Had picnics with our family and friends


Day 50:

Monkey had his very first go on the Jolly Jumper- and LOVED it!


Day 51:

On our way to the Zoo we decided the weather wasn’t looking too hopeful and made a quick decision to go to the Museum instead

We: Explored the different areas, watched a movie about whales, saw sharks, a mummy, and a volcano, we experienced what it would be like to be inside your house when a volcano erupted! We made rock music and had lots of fun pretending to be air hosts… today was a fun day!

“Museums offer a dynamic opportunity to expose children to experiences and explore new things in a rich and educational environment. Through interactive exhibits and hands-on play, children have the ability to take ownership of their own learning and develop and explore their own curiosities. This unique exposure provides the foundation for creativity, critical thinking, and connection to the world around them.” —Sara Choi, Education Program Manager, Zimmer Children’s Museum

Day 52:

-Mayhem Kindy

-Monkey Plunket: After just a week…Monkey has gained 420g!!! What an awesome result after only gaining 150g last month… Thank Goodness we found a solution to his reflux- Phew!

Day 53:

-Mayhem Kindy

-Monkey Dr follow up appointment: All is looking great! He can stay on his medication for the next month- slowly wean him off- and then hopefully we’ve seen the last of that awful reflux… Yay!

-Mischief Play at Mc D’s playground with mummy and Grandad

-Mischief buys some stickers and pretty hair ties from the dollar store with her coins

Day 54: Good Friday

Daddy has his first day off in two weeks!

-We do lots of playing

-We help Grandad put together our new balance bikes and have a go- it’s trickier than we thought!

-Tidy Up

-Colour in some easter eggs to make an egg bunting

-Play outside- bubbles- Nitro pops them! , throw ball for dogs, dig in the dirt with the dump truck, look at the leaves changing colour- Autumn is here!


-Read a book before bed

One of the biggest advantages of the balance bike method is that children as young as 2 learn to balance on their own without explanation, coaching, or unnecessary stress. They are very proud of themselves and immediately become fond of cycling.


According to the National Sleep Foundation, a relaxing reading ritual can prepare your body for sleep and help your mind separate your sleep time from the stresses of daily living. A winding-down ritual can help people fall asleep faster and enjoy a higher quality of sleep throughout the night.


Days 41- 47


Poor Monkey had his reflux go from bad to worse with mummy’s supply not being anything close to enough we were in for a rough ride! BUT after a naturopath visit- mummy stoking up on supplies for Africa- a Plunket visit – a Day from HELL and then a Doctors visit! We have our little man back to being Happy, smiley and Full once again.. Phew!

So our Day by Day had to be set to the side a bit, however there are still some highlights to share from the week…

Day 41

  • A bit of road tripping in the morning picking up supplies for Dads home Brewing, and Grape vines for future vineyards- Mayhem picked a few grapes from the vine with Daddy
  • Magic had his 4th Birthday Party
  • We played at Nanny and Poppas with Monster and had Dinner before we headed off home to bed

Lots of socializing going on today…


Day 42

  • Kauri Carnival with Mama and Mummy- We played carnival games, made our own smoothies by pedalling on a bike, learnt about native trees, bees and recycling, enjoyed the animals, bubbles and festival music and had a big jump on the jumping castle!
  • Went to Great Nanas for lunch

Learning about our community- being involved in community activities, nature, fun & games, socializing, nutrition and health, culture- musical


Day 43

  • Mummy & Monkey see Naturopath and have lunch with Aunty & Monster
  • Mayhem and Mischief bake scones with Mama, Picnic outside and Watch a movie
  • Mummy gave us eggs to “hatch”
  • We had a BLUE and GREEN bath tonight

Baking- skills, following steps, grating, mixing, Vocabulary, Enjoying the end result, nutrition, Water Play- colours, filling up different containers/ pots



Day 44

  • Mummy & Monkey go to Plunket- only gained 150g in past month = Dr referral

Day 45

  • Mayhem Kindy

Monkeys reflux gets worse- not even the drops from the naturopath are helping- Mummy is coming up almost empty… refusing to latch – so last resort Formula (which takes half an hour to finally get him to take) and he guzzles it like he’s starved!


  • Mayhem Kindy
  • Dr appointment
  • Library- Rhyme Time
  • Book shop
  • Morning Tea at Great Nanas
  • Mischief and Monkey stay with Mama and Great Nana – Nap
  • Mummy goes for a shop then picks up Mayhem – Nap
  • Dinner at Nanas for her birthday with all the other cousins
  • Bedtime

What a difference Monkey has been today! Now that the little guy is finally eating with less pain and is actually getting a full bottle of milk he is back to being our smiley happy little guy! -PHEW!!! So relieved that we may have finally found the answer to our troubles.

Day 47:

  • Cornwall Park- Playground, Flying Fox, Stardome
  • Nap
  • Watch Diego
  • Play with our toys
  • Dinner
  • Shower Bedtime


Day 40…

Today was one of THOSE days… the kind where Monkey won’t stop crying unless held- and we have come to the conclusion that the little guy must not be getting enough milk (pumping is now in order)… and the other two are playing tag team – not wanting to nap- But sleeping when the other wakes (No Rest for the Wicked Mummy!).

  • Breakfast
  • Watch Leapfrog Ready for School and Adventure to the Moon

Vocabulary, Comprehension, Alphabet, Maths, Counting, Geometry, Colours, Sorting

  • Played outside- “helping Mama & Grandad” in the garden- stomping around in their gumboots, started raining- popped on their jackets and played in the mud
  • Swing
  • Fishing Farm game
  • Mayhem Nap
  • Morning Tea
  • Mischief Nap
  • Mayhem makes dream catchers with mummy- threading the beads

Counting, threading, colours, patterns, fine motor skills, craft, vocabulary- string, thread, beads, feathers, comprehension, understands and explains what a dream catcher does

Overall Developmental Benefits of Beading:

* Improved fine motor, visual perceptual, visual motor and cognitive skills

* Improved dressing skills (especially clothing fasteners, like buttons and zippers)

* Improved pencil grasp and pencil control during colouring and writing activities

* Improved visual perception and better planning often help a child to become more organized (e.g. Where is that sock? Where did I put my pencil case or favourite toy? Do I have everything I need to complete my homework?)

* And last but not least, Beading can provide a sense of accomplishment in completing a project that offers freedom of self-expression and camaraderie with other party-goers. This sense of “Occupational Fulfillment” can contribute to improved self-esteem.

**In other words, Beading is just plain FUN, and FUN is good for kids!!**

  • Mayhem shows Mama and Grandad (Mayhem explains that “a dream catcher catches the bad dreams so that you only have good dreams”… Grandad says “wow! I think the Native Americans used these!”)and gives Scarlett her dream catcher- they both really like them. Mayhem runs to his room and hangs his one by his bed.. mummy hangs Mischiefs one up too.
  • Lunch & Ice-cream treat time!


  • Helped Grandad outside on the ride on mower
  • Played on the bikes and explored the garden outside
  • Bath
  • Watched Dora Ballet
  • Went shopping for a birthday gift for Magic
  • Japanese for Dinner
  • Bed

Day 39…

  • Breakfast
  • Watch “Horton hears a Who”

“A person’s a Person…

No matter how


Dr. Suess
  • Mayhem Kindy
  • Mischief Play dough

Vocabulary, comprehension, fine motor skills, maths- counting & geometry, sensory development- touch, hear, see, smell and she even gave it a taste, music- singing,

We: ROLL, CUT, PAT, PRICK, STRETCH, make a face with 2 EYES, 1 NOSE & a MOUTH, we COUNT how many balls we can make, we pretend to EAT our patty cakes, we talk about how the play dough FEELS- SMOOTH, COLD, STICKY, SOFT, SQUISHY, it LOOKS PINK, it SMELLS like peppermint, we cut SHAPES- CIRCLE, STAR… and we sing songs about our play dough: “Patty Cake”… “Roll, Roll, Roll the Dough”…

Talking with your child is so important. Not only does it strengthen the bond between you but it creates a great opportunity to expand your little one’s vocabulary, as well as increase the recognition of objects and situations outside the child’s immediate world.


  • Help Mama hang out washing


  • Play in the dirt


  • Mischief rolls the ball with mummy while Monkey has mat time

Mischief- Rolling, throwing,  hand-eye coordination, vocabulary, Monkey- grasping toys, hand-eye coordination, gurgling, smiling, sucking on hands

Gross motor skills are a specific set of skills that involve different body parts such as feet, legs, trunk, head, arms and hands.

These skills are important because they are the “building blocks” or foundation movements for more complex and specialised skills required by children throughout their lives to competently and confidently play different games, sports and recreational activities offered at school and in the community.


How your child plays, learns, speaks, and acts offers important clues about your child’s development.

What most babies do at this age:

Social and Emotional
  • Begins to smile at people
  • Can briefly calm himself (may bring hands to mouth and suck on hand)
  • Tries to look at parent
  • Coos, makes gurgling sounds
  • Turns head toward sounds
Cognitive (learning, thinking, problem-solving)
  • Pays attention to faces
  • Begins to follow things with eyes and recognize people at a distance
  • Begins to act bored (cries, fussy) if activity doesn’t change
Movement/Physical Development
  • Can hold head up and begins to push up when lying on tummy
  • Makes smoother movements with arms and legs


  • Nap
  • Mischief goes with Mama to pick up Mayhem from Kindy while mummy stays home with sleeping Monkey
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Play outside- swings, bike, scooter, dinosaurs in the dirt & water play


  • Frisbee with Dogs


  • Bath
  • Watch Thomas Tale of the Brave
  • Dinner
  • Mummy reads us books
  • Bedtime

Day 38…

  • Breakfast
  • Puzzles

Fine motor skills, math- fractions, colour, vocabulary, division

The value and benefit of sharing jigsaw puzzles with your child is priceless. Not only can you facilitate greater mental and physical developmentScience Articles, but you can also create opportunities for social interaction and happy childhood memories.


  • Mayhem- Kindy
  • Mischief Playdough

Making playdough-

we gather ingredients, “mix” and “stir” and we feel it as the mixture changes texture when we add liquids to the dry mix

we add colour to make it “pink” and essence to make it “smell” of peppermint


we “roll” the dough out and we “cut” shapes using cookie cutters- one “small” and one “big”

we let our dinosaurs play too- they like to “stomp” through the dough and make “footprints”

the dinosaurs “ROAR!”

We also roll the playdough into “balls” which we count together

  • Lunch


  • Mischief pretends the washing basket is a boat while mummy sorts through the enormous mountain of clothing
  • Nap
  • Read Books
  • Pick Mayhem up – Help mummy grocery shop
  • Play outside- swinging, bikes, Toys
  • Dinner
  • Bath
  • Read books
  • Bedtime


Month 1 Reviewed…

As we begin the month of MARCH a few things to note:

New interests:

Mayhem: Recycling

With his increasing interest in his Farming computer game (which teaches him business, math, organization, money, saving etc) I have purchased a new Addition & Subtraction racing game- aimed at 5-7yrs which I will slowly ease him into- interested to see how it goes.

I’d like to continue to make more things from recycling- I’ll go through pintrest with Mayhem and let him point out some of the crafts that he’d like to try.

Also planning to join a natural learning/ Unschooling group to visit the refuse/ recycle station next month. Mayhems Kindy teachers were very impressed with our recycled wind chime & linking learning between home & kindy.

Mischief: Dinosaurs

Mischief has not only taken a big leap in her list of vocabulary recently, but is also stringing words together now to make short sentences which is making our communication stronger & a lot of fun!

She’s loving her dinosaur play- so I intend to encourage more “small world” playtimes using different objects for some fun sensory and imaginative play together. Days when Mayhem is at kindy are great days for this (she gets to explore without her big brother snatching anything from her)- and we usually leave our activities out for him to have a go with when he gets home.

I’d like to make a trip out to the museum to look at the dinosaur area (this will be a fun day out as we haven’t been for a while).

March is usually a busy Month with birthdays, carnivals and fundraising events- lots of exciting adventures, play and learning experiences await!



Day 37…

  • Breakfast
  • Watched The Croods


  • Listen to Audio CD- Beatrix Potter


  • Wriggle & Rhyme  – Dance, Sing, socialize

Wriggle and Rhyme is a fun, free programme that provides positive movement experiences to stimulate development of both the brain and body for babies 0 – 2 years.


  • Morning Tea
  • View some of the animals that we didn’t look at last week: Monkeys, Tasmanian Devil, Tortoises.
  • Played on the climbing area and playground


  • Nap


  • Snack
  • Played outside
  • Bath
  • Massage

What are the benefits of baby massage?

There are lots of ways baby massage can benefit not just your baby, but you and your partner as well. Massage may help your baby to:

  • Dinner
  • Dance with Daddy

Dance- movement, music, listening, relationships- bonding time with Dad

Over time, children build their skills and deepen their understanding of rhythm and song and how it relates to the visual art of dance. Regardless of skill or experience, dance gives children a freedom to move in a way that reflects their uniqueness.

  • Bedtime

Day 36…

  • Breakfast
  • Listen to music in the car
  • Shopping- Mischief & Mayhem chose a toy each- we looked at the price tags on items and pointed out how much each cost “that’s $8- we know this because this is the number eight”… we discussed wants & needs- we would like to have a new toy (want) and we don’t have enough warm PJs so we need to buy some more  etc.


  • Lunch
  • watched Thomas Dino & Discoveries

Links to current interests- Dinosaurs

  • Made an outdoor music station/ wind chime using recycled materials

Recycling- linking to Mayhems current interest & Kindy learning. Music- sounds- exploration. Art- craft. Listening- the different sounds each object can make.

Recycling is an important part of a wider goal to improve the way we look after our environment. Caring for planet earth has become a well publicized topic in the modern world and it’s up to everyone to do their part. Words like reduce, reuse, reinvent and recycle are helpful in reinforcing things that can easily be done to improve not only our local area but also the wider world we live in.


  • Water play
  • Pretend play- “mummy we’re making a soup!”
  • Dinosaur play
  • Exploring in the garden
  • Swing
  • Bath
  • Dinner
  • Watch The Croods
  • Bed


5th “Day Off”…Day 35

Probably the only true ‘Day Off’ today-

We spent the morning shopping- Buying a new computer for Daddy who has just started studying part-time for a Diploma in Wine Science – Yay for following our dreams! 🙂


Anyway so- we went shopping, we had brunch, kids played on the playground, got Mayhems haircut, stopped in to have lunch with their Great Nana (& family), went home and played- making messes, eating- the usual.

Before we knew it the day was at an end- baths, dinner and bedtime had come… and we were about to face Monday all over again!


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