• Breakfast


  • Listen to Mickey Mouse CD


  • Mayhem has his ear test (All is looking good! No permanent damage from his constant Glue Ear issues- YAY!)
  • Lunch
  • Play

Walking into the hospital we are careful of cars- Road safety. When we enter the hospital we press the “UP” button on the lift, We press the number “2” when we enter, and we FOLLOW the “BLUE” lines to get to where we need to be. We play with toys in the waiting room. Mayhem does really well at listening and following instructions from the Doctors, he can identify ALL the objects he is asked to name & comprehends what is asked/ told to him.

Afterward we order some goodies from the shop and go to eat our lunch in the play area. We WATCH the lifts go “UP” and “DOWN“. We ride on the horse on the Merry-Go-Round with other children. We play pretend as we ride our car and fly the plane.

Number recognition, following instruction, safety, colour recognition, socializing, object recognition, vocabulary, manners, creative thinking, imagination


  • Listen to Disney songs
  • Nap


  • Chose a DVD and some new Dinosaurs to add to our collection
  • Get ingredients for dinner

Mayhem grabs his own trolley at the shop. When we are ready to BUY the items, he confidently goes up to the counter with his trolley of things, say “HELLO” to the man “We just want to buy these things please…” and sets the lot onto the counter….

At the supermarket he helps to hold some items and when we get to the self service till he enjoys having a go at scanning the items himself and collecting the “ticket” (aka receipt) at the end.

 As we adults shop for food in the supermarket we teach them not only the concepts of mathematics, but also concepts of geography, science and nutrition. A powerful link is made with learning and living.
The supermarket provides ample opportunity to demonstrate the principles of mathematics in real life. Children, depending on their age can learn the concepts of division by watching and helping their parents make change, select items, total their costs etc. They can make the concepts of addition and subtraction real to children.




  • Watch Diego
  • Dinosaur play

Mayhem decides to put the Dinosaurs into groups- I find them on the table and ask him “Did you do put them like this?” He replies “Yup. I put them together in their families.”

Grouping, sorting, matching


  • Bath
  • Dinner
  • Bedtime