You may notice all my Beautiful Children that are mentioned in this Blog all have nicknames beginning M… Why??  Because they are the M&Ms of my life!


Colourful, sweet, scrummy, a few nutty, they come in lots of different flavours.. I love them… But of course having too many of your own isn’t the best for your waist line (well for some of us anyway!).


So as not to get too confused by who is who (mainly for my sake) these are my M&Ms:

The nicknames used are in no reflection of the child necessarily (apart from my own 3 who regularly live up to their names!) and All photo’s added of the children I try my best to use ones where their faces are not fully shown for their own benefit.


Mayhem: 4yrs. Loud, Energetic, Boisterous. Loves Thunderbirds.


Mischief: 2 years. Cheeky, Chatterbox, Adventurous. Loves Dinosaurs.


Monkey: 7 months. Spiller, Smiley, Happy. Loves his Mummy!


Monster: 2 years. Chilled, Mischievous, Curios. Likes Diggers & Loves Mayhem.


Miss: 4 months. Sweetheart. Loves to Sleep, Eat & Poop.


Mister: 1 year. Quiet, Curios, Toddler. Loves his Mummy.


Madame: 2yrs.Sweet, Playful, Mischievious. Loves her Dummy.


Magic: 4yrs. Energetic, Playful, Adventurous. Loves Super Heroes.


Master: 6yrs. Inquisitive, Energetic, Adventurous.  Loves Mind craft.


Manic: 18months. Cute, Cheeky, Playful. Loves emptying flour all over mummy’s kitchen!