• Breakfast
  • Mummy reads “My first Shapes” with Mischief


Enhanced Language Development: As children walk around the zoo, they are exposed to words and concepts. It also encourages dialogue between parents, children and even siblings. While walking around with your child, it is important to label every animal and ask questions. This will help increase their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Environmental Awareness: Visiting a zoo helps children understand the importance of taking care of the environment as it has a significant impact on the lives and welfare of animals. Zoos also teach families about the importance of conservation and animal care.

Sparks Curiosity: As soon as a child enters a zoo, their eyes widen and the wheels start turning. “Mommy can I see that animal?” “Mommy where does that animal come from?” “Mommy can I take that one home?” Kids are innately curious which allows them to learn and take in their environment. Zoos encourage curiosity thus encourage learning and brain development!

Allows for Exploration and Self-Discovery: What I love most about the zoo, is that it allows children to explore their environment and make new discoveries. This all leads to cognitive, language, motor and academic growth. While exploring a zoo, children go on a wild adventure full of running around, asking questions and engaging in story telling. These activities are key for healthy development! Exploring their environment also helps children become more self-aware. They learn what animals they like and don’t like. They also learn to move past their fears and trepidation about certain animals, reptiles and bugs.


  • We visit the Vet clinic explore the activities- Viewing slide with microscope, listening to different heart beats, finding out what animal behaviour might indicate, looking at the operating theatre and labs.



  • Viewed the Tiger and listened to the Zoo keeper telling us all about her.. she was enjoying an Ice- Block on the hot sticky day
  • Had a look at some meerkats, sea lions, serval cat, Baboons and Hippos

Different animals have different enclosures- some like the water, others have desert like habitats, and some prefer trees!

  • We saw turtles and watched the elephants while we had lunch and played and splashed in the fountain and Mayhem had a little help from one of the nice school boys to get a much needed drink from the drinking fountain. Mischief and Mayhem took a few good tumbles, but quickly got up without a fuss.
  • On our way out we saw Lions and giraffes and Zebras

We counted the giraffes and pointed out which ones we thought were the babies (obviously the smaller ones- but the kids were able to identify smaller/ bigger).


  • Nap
  • Watched Diego
  • Bath
  • Dinner
  • Bedtime