• Breakfast
  • Listen to music in the car
  • Shopping- Mischief & Mayhem chose a toy each- we looked at the price tags on items and pointed out how much each cost “that’s $8- we know this because this is the number eight”… we discussed wants & needs- we would like to have a new toy (want) and we don’t have enough warm PJs so we need to buy some more  etc.


  • Lunch
  • watched Thomas Dino & Discoveries

Links to current interests- Dinosaurs

  • Made an outdoor music station/ wind chime using recycled materials

Recycling- linking to Mayhems current interest & Kindy learning. Music- sounds- exploration. Art- craft. Listening- the different sounds each object can make.

Recycling is an important part of a wider goal to improve the way we look after our environment. Caring for planet earth has become a well publicized topic in the modern world and it’s up to everyone to do their part. Words like reduce, reuse, reinvent and recycle are helpful in reinforcing things that can easily be done to improve not only our local area but also the wider world we live in.



  • Water play
  • Pretend play- “mummy we’re making a soup!”
  • Dinosaur play
  • Exploring in the garden
  • Swing
  • Bath
  • Dinner
  • Watch The Croods
  • Bed