• Breakfast
  • Watched The Croods


  • Listen to Audio CD- Beatrix Potter


  • Wriggle & Rhyme  – Dance, Sing, socialize

Wriggle and Rhyme is a fun, free programme that provides positive movement experiences to stimulate development of both the brain and body for babies 0 – 2 years.


  • Morning Tea
  • View some of the animals that we didn’t look at last week: Monkeys, Tasmanian Devil, Tortoises.
  • Played on the climbing area and playground


  • Nap


  • Snack
  • Played outside
  • Bath
  • Massage

What are the benefits of baby massage?

There are lots of ways baby massage can benefit not just your baby, but you and your partner as well. Massage may help your baby to:


  • Dinner
  • Dance with Daddy

Dance- movement, music, listening, relationships- bonding time with Dad

Over time, children build their skills and deepen their understanding of rhythm and song and how it relates to the visual art of dance. Regardless of skill or experience, dance gives children a freedom to move in a way that reflects their uniqueness.


  • Bedtime