As we begin the month of MARCH a few things to note:

New interests:

Mayhem: Recycling

With his increasing interest in his Farming computer game (which teaches him business, math, organization, money, saving etc) I have purchased a new Addition & Subtraction racing game- aimed at 5-7yrs which I will slowly ease him into- interested to see how it goes.

I’d like to continue to make more things from recycling- I’ll go through pintrest with Mayhem and let him point out some of the crafts that he’d like to try.

Also planning to join a natural learning/ Unschooling group to visit the refuse/ recycle station next month. Mayhems Kindy teachers were very impressed with our recycled wind chime & linking learning between home & kindy.

Mischief: Dinosaurs

Mischief has not only taken a big leap in her list of vocabulary recently, but is also stringing words together now to make short sentences which is making our communication stronger & a lot of fun!

She’s loving her dinosaur play- so I intend to encourage more “small world” playtimes using different objects for some fun sensory and imaginative play together. Days when Mayhem is at kindy are great days for this (she gets to explore without her big brother snatching anything from her)- and we usually leave our activities out for him to have a go with when he gets home.

I’d like to make a trip out to the museum to look at the dinosaur area (this will be a fun day out as we haven’t been for a while).

March is usually a busy Month with birthdays, carnivals and fundraising events- lots of exciting adventures, play and learning experiences await!