• Breakfast
  • Puzzles

Fine motor skills, math- fractions, colour, vocabulary, division

The value and benefit of sharing jigsaw puzzles with your child is priceless. Not only can you facilitate greater mental and physical developmentScience Articles, but you can also create opportunities for social interaction and happy childhood memories.



  • Mayhem- Kindy
  • Mischief Playdough

Making playdough-

we gather ingredients, “mix” and “stir” and we feel it as the mixture changes texture when we add liquids to the dry mix

we add colour to make it “pink” and essence to make it “smell” of peppermint


we “roll” the dough out and we “cut” shapes using cookie cutters- one “small” and one “big”

we let our dinosaurs play too- they like to “stomp” through the dough and make “footprints”

the dinosaurs “ROAR!”

We also roll the playdough into “balls” which we count together

  • Lunch


  • Mischief pretends the washing basket is a boat while mummy sorts through the enormous mountain of clothing
  • Nap
  • Read Books
  • Pick Mayhem up – Help mummy grocery shop
  • Play outside- swinging, bikes, Toys
  • Dinner
  • Bath
  • Read books
  • Bedtime