Poor Monkey had his reflux go from bad to worse with mummy’s supply not being anything close to enough we were in for a rough ride! BUT after a naturopath visit- mummy stoking up on supplies for Africa- a Plunket visit – a Day from HELL and then a Doctors visit! We have our little man back to being Happy, smiley and Full once again.. Phew!

So our Day by Day had to be set to the side a bit, however there are still some highlights to share from the week…

Day 41

  • A bit of road tripping in the morning picking up supplies for Dads home Brewing, and Grape vines for future vineyards- Mayhem picked a few grapes from the vine with Daddy
  • Magic had his 4th Birthday Party
  • We played at Nanny and Poppas with Monster and had Dinner before we headed off home to bed

Lots of socializing going on today…


Day 42

  • Kauri Carnival with Mama and Mummy- We played carnival games, made our own smoothies by pedalling on a bike, learnt about native trees, bees and recycling, enjoyed the animals, bubbles and festival music and had a big jump on the jumping castle!
  • Went to Great Nanas for lunch

Learning about our community- being involved in community activities, nature, fun & games, socializing, nutrition and health, culture- musical


Day 43

  • Mummy & Monkey see Naturopath and have lunch with Aunty & Monster
  • Mayhem and Mischief bake scones with Mama, Picnic outside and Watch a movie
  • Mummy gave us eggs to “hatch”
  • We had a BLUE and GREEN bath tonight

Baking- skills, following steps, grating, mixing, Vocabulary, Enjoying the end result, nutrition, Water Play- colours, filling up different containers/ pots



Day 44

  • Mummy & Monkey go to Plunket- only gained 150g in past month = Dr referral

Day 45

  • Mayhem Kindy

Monkeys reflux gets worse- not even the drops from the naturopath are helping- Mummy is coming up almost empty… refusing to latch – so last resort Formula (which takes half an hour to finally get him to take) and he guzzles it like he’s starved!


  • Mayhem Kindy
  • Dr appointment
  • Library- Rhyme Time
  • Book shop
  • Morning Tea at Great Nanas
  • Mischief and Monkey stay with Mama and Great Nana – Nap
  • Mummy goes for a shop then picks up Mayhem – Nap
  • Dinner at Nanas for her birthday with all the other cousins
  • Bedtime

What a difference Monkey has been today! Now that the little guy is finally eating with less pain and is actually getting a full bottle of milk he is back to being our smiley happy little guy! -PHEW!!! So relieved that we may have finally found the answer to our troubles.

Day 47:

  • Cornwall Park- Playground, Flying Fox, Stardome
  • Nap
  • Watch Diego
  • Play with our toys
  • Dinner
  • Shower Bedtime