A fun filled week-

Day 48:

Baking for Buddy Walk- Aunty Hilz came over and helped us

Day 49:

Buddy Walk: A fun day out supporting the Down Syndrome Association http://www.adsa.org.nz/

Our cousin “Tricky ” was born with Down Syndrome and every year we have a lot of fun joining in at this awesome charity event and day out…

– Our cookies and cake were sold at the cake stall

-Walked 3.5km

-Ate lots of treats

-Danced and watched some fantastic entertainment

-Bounced on the jumpy castles, went on the merry go round, played on the cars and watched HUGE bubbles being made

-Had picnics with our family and friends


Day 50:

Monkey had his very first go on the Jolly Jumper- and LOVED it!


Day 51:

On our way to the Zoo we decided the weather wasn’t looking too hopeful and made a quick decision to go to the Museum instead

We: Explored the different areas, watched a movie about whales, saw sharks, a mummy, and a volcano, we experienced what it would be like to be inside your house when a volcano erupted! We made rock music and had lots of fun pretending to be air hosts… today was a fun day!

“Museums offer a dynamic opportunity to expose children to experiences and explore new things in a rich and educational environment. Through interactive exhibits and hands-on play, children have the ability to take ownership of their own learning and develop and explore their own curiosities. This unique exposure provides the foundation for creativity, critical thinking, and connection to the world around them.” —Sara Choi, Education Program Manager, Zimmer Children’s Museum


Day 52:

-Mayhem Kindy

-Monkey Plunket: After just a week…Monkey has gained 420g!!! What an awesome result after only gaining 150g last month… Thank Goodness we found a solution to his reflux- Phew!

Day 53:

-Mayhem Kindy

-Monkey Dr follow up appointment: All is looking great! He can stay on his medication for the next month- slowly wean him off- and then hopefully we’ve seen the last of that awful reflux… Yay!

-Mischief Play at Mc D’s playground with mummy and Grandad

-Mischief buys some stickers and pretty hair ties from the dollar store with her coins

Day 54: Good Friday

Daddy has his first day off in two weeks!

-We do lots of playing

-We help Grandad put together our new balance bikes and have a go- it’s trickier than we thought!

-Tidy Up

-Colour in some easter eggs to make an egg bunting

-Play outside- bubbles- Nitro pops them! , throw ball for dogs, dig in the dirt with the dump truck, look at the leaves changing colour- Autumn is here!


-Read a book before bed

One of the biggest advantages of the balance bike method is that children as young as 2 learn to balance on their own without explanation, coaching, or unnecessary stress. They are very proud of themselves and immediately become fond of cycling.



According to the National Sleep Foundation, a relaxing reading ritual can prepare your body for sleep and help your mind separate your sleep time from the stresses of daily living. A winding-down ritual can help people fall asleep faster and enjoy a higher quality of sleep throughout the night.