Day 55:


Looks like the Easter bunny came and dropped off a letter… “Read me AFTER Breakfast”

  • Pancakes for breakfast
  • Bath time, Dressed
  • Read the letter together
  • Brushed our teeth and made our beds
  • Went on our hunt for more clues!

WOW! We got some pretty great stuff from Mr Easter Bunny!

Poor Mischief not feeling too great with tummy & toilet issues Mummy Mama and Monkey take her down to A&E for a check up and leave with some medication and cream- lets hope it helps!

  • Go to Nanny & Poppas
  • Have another Egg hunt with cousin Monster- So much fun!
  • Eat way too much chocolate and refuse our dinners… (oh well it’s only once a year).
  • Play with all our toys
  • Watch Dora
  • Home time & Bed… it’s been a BIG day!


 While the main goal of a scavenger hunt is finding the treasure, half the fun is embracing the journey as well. Being outdoors, whether it be on the streets or in the woods, is a great activity to help become familiar with the area, allowing you to find new and interesting spots on your journey. It’s also a great activity to help with your sense of direction.


Day 56: Easter Sunday

  • Breakfast- Mischief helps mummy to make scrambled eggs
  • Watch our some of our new DVDs Ester Bunny
  • Monkey jumps on the Jolly Jumper
  • Nap
  • Great Nanas for lunch
  • Watch Thomas (Mayhems Easter DVD)


Day 57: Easter Monday

  • Naps
  • Family and friends came over for Easter Lunch
  • Bath/ PJs
  • Read Books
  • Bedtime


Day 58:

Mayhems behaviour is getting worse by the day! Woke up acting up, annoying his sister and being blatantly  disobedient- I was adamant he didn’t get enough sleep and sent him to bed for a nap… 3hours later he FINALLY gave in and crashed out! (I was pretty desperate to get him rested as he and Monkey were both due for their immunizations today).

  • Mayhem and Monkey get their immunizations
  • Stop at Bakery & Book shop
  • Play at the playground and eat our afternoon tea
  • Bath/ PJs
  • Dinner
  • Bedtime

Day 59:

  • Mayhem Kindy
  • Monkey Jolly Jumper
  • Pick up Mayhem from kindy- has a high temp and vomits on way home
  • Mayhem Shower/ PJs
  • Mischief watches Happy Feet
  • Naps
  • Afternoon tea
  • DVD afternoon
  • Bath/ PJs
  • Dinner

Day 60:

  • Mayhem Kindy
  • Aunty V’s Baby gender reveal… it’s a BOY!!!

Day 61:

Visit Refuse Recycle Centre (with our Natural learners/ Unschoolers FB group)

The kids had a great time at the centre- made some friends and explored the gardens and play rooms- Mama and Monkey did most of the learning in the classroom while Mischief and Mayhem  ran around outside getting soaked with the water bike/ fountain.

We got up close and personal with some wriggly worm friends and Mummy and Mama scored some fantastic finds at the Recycle Shop (including a boat for $50 which will become part of our outdoor play area!).


  •  Home- played with our “trash to treasures”
  • Watched Team Umi Zoomi
  • Helped mummy make dinner- Pealed carrots, Put pumpkin, Carrots, Peas into the pot. Poured Baked beans and tomatoes into the pot and watched mummy puree the mixture once boiled (to make our own veggie packed tomato sauce from Mayhems cook book he got from the Easter Bunny).
  • Dinner
  • Bath
  • Bed