Day 62:

  • Monkey has been waking during the night- but luckily he’s super cute & mummy doesn’t mind!
  • Mayhem goes with Mama and Grandad to pick up our new boat! He and Mischief spend the afternoon playing & singing “Row Row Your Boat”

Mayhem has a great time pretending to be Captain of the boat and Bossing his crew around! He collects pumas rocks as our “supplies” and throws the rope overboard to “lower the anchor”. Mischief hops aboard with mummy and Monkey and they sing and yell out at the ‘sharks’ (the dogs) and ‘Men over board’ (Grandad).



Day 63: A Quiet “cleaning” day…

Some much needed quiet time today- Mayhem happily shows me how well he can clean the lounge up & is then left with Mischief to show how well they can also tidy their room… A few toys are on the floor… They are quiet and I hear giggling so I leave them to it… After a while Mischief amerges and has some lunch- when we pop our heads in to find Mayehm he is fast asleep on his bed- the entire contents of their room- now ALL over the floor!!!

I will happily reside in the knowledge that their actions have many developmental and creative learning rewards hidden within the messiness which surrounds them!

  • Mayhem & Mischief supposed to be tidying- actually having a wonderful time playing together in their room
  • Mayhem naps
  • Mischief lunch
  • Monkey & Mischief Naps
  • Mayhem lunch
  • An afternoon of tidy up time
  • Baths, Pjs, Dinner and bed

‘It may look like your child is throwing things on the ground… but they are getting information out of that action’

– Dr Larissa Samuelson


Day 64:

We had hoped to go out today, however the rain bucketed down, so we had an inside day of movies, books, computer games, jumping beans, dancing, play mat and playing with our toys.