A Kelly Tarltons kind of Day

  • Breakfast
  • Do our morning Jobs
  • Kelly Traltons

We got some activity books and searched and found stamps throughout our visit. We saw some funky creatures- penguins, fish, turtles, sharks, crabs and stingrays… we played in the play area, and explored and discovered… we climbed and crawled, we ran and jumped, we played, read, touched, ate, listened, counted, laughed, danced and enjoyed the pretty colours too!



  • Home
  • Played outside in the boat, dirt and water
  • Mischief Bath & Pjs
  • Mayhem leapfrog
  • Monkey nap
  • Dinner – Much to mummy’s AMAZEMENT the kids did really well with their dinner- Mischief gobbled down her chicken & couscous and Mayhem left only one chicken kebab- YES he actually ate ALL the carrot & cucumber on his plate WITHOUT whinging!
  • Mayhem Shower & PJs
  • Monkey Bath & PJs
  • Story & Bedtime