Day 67:

  • Mayhem goes to Kindy
  • Mischief & Monkey hang out with mummy, do some shopping, pack bags
  • Mayhem and Mischief go to Russell, Bay of Islands, with their Mama & Grandad for a long weekend break!

  • Meanwhile- Master Monkey has a great time hanging out with Mummy & Daddy- going out for Brunch, lunch with Nanny & Grape Picking in the evening.



Day 70:

They arrive home after an awesome time away with lots to share about their adventures.

When children travel, especially internationally, they gain a new perspective about their place in the world. They see beyond their own backyard and their minds are opened to different cultures, standards of living, and ways of life. Through travel, kids can learn that happiness can come in many forms.

Traveling with children is effective and educational not because children remember it or fully appreciate the significance of a piece of art, a historical monument or immersion into another language or culture, but simply because it contributes to their growth by increasing the number of neural connections in the brain.