We’ve kicked off our first week of the holidays with DVD/Movie montages & Pop corn – Yum! …Zoo trips with friends & cousins… Making loads of mess indoors (as the winter weather sets in this is becomming a popular option for the kids)… lots of reading books… playing pretend in our boat… experimenting with some healthy cooking- GREEN pancakes were a hit! …enjoying the backyard… and even a Wedding!

Yes even in the holidays we are busy bees.


I wanted to quickly take the time to note about Mayhem- he has amazed me over the past week at how his behaviour has once again settled back and his helpful little self has returned (although he still has a big melt down whenever he’s tired)… this morning as he offered to help me with Monkeys nappy change, he sat up on the table and asked “Would you like a story Monkey?”… to which he began to tell him the story of “Peter Rabbit”.

Now- he has only ever heard this story via audio CD in the car- and I honestly wasn’t sure how much of it he was actually taking in- however – to my amazement he was reciting the story word- for word to his little brother- along with all the musical animations to go with it!

Mayhem has always been wonderful at remembering stories- even before the age of 2 he could open up his Slinky Milinki book and “tell” you the whole story as if he was reading the book- however- I always thought that the pictures were a good prompt and the visual cue was what helped him to remember the story.. now I know that this (the visual aid) isn’t a necessity to his memory- but that he infact has quite a good ear!

In one instance it bothers me that he’s always had issues with glue ear, perforated ear drum/ infections for the majority of his little life- although not a bad case – it sometimes makes one wonder- if these issues hadn’t occurred how much more could he have possibly advanced himself- especially¬†if he is an auditory learner.

Anyway, with this new insight I will make an effort to purchase/ borrow (from the library) a few more audio books to play on a regular basis- and car rides are a perfect place for this (the learning never ends!).

If you’re on school holidays- we hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!



(Picture borrowed via http://www.stuff.co.nz)