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May 2016

Day 94…

Mayhem Kindy

Attended a Breast Cancer awreness morning tea hosted by Mama & Grandad today

Home- Naps

Mayhem home

Played, helped feed dogs, Baths, PJs, dinner

Mayhem and Grandad did maths- with the write and wipe cards (addition, number recognition)





Day 93…

Still recovering- still raining cats & dogs outside- but managed to have a spot of fun Baking & eating our Dinosaur cookies.

Mayhem put the cookies into patterns and counted them out

Mischief and Mayhem built towers from the firewood, and made drums, and Mayhem created a ” show” (like the one we played with at Arataki)- for his ” puppet”  (aka rolling pin).

Read our library books

Played with Monkey on the mat- he can roll all over the place now and grabs at everything!


Day 92… SICK DAY

Mummy needed a day off for Rest & Recovery after being a bit worse for wear over the last few days! Perfect really because it’s just the kind of weather for staying indoors- Winter is truly here- 100 days left of winter.


Day 91…

Quick trip to Arataki Visitors Center

We had a great time exploring the center- looking at critters, checking out the views and looking through the binoculars, trying out the microscope, playing puppets and listening to sounds of the forest, we saw examples of traps- similar to the ones Mayhem helped Daddy to lay, we looked at maps and we practised disinfecting our shoes to help stop Kauri Dieback- and Mayhem showed Mama how it’s done! After a little picnic on the deck we went downstairs for a much deserved Ice-Cream treat…and Mama suprized us with two beautiful new books that she’d bought from the gift store!


Day 90…

Mayhem Kindy

Monkey and Mischief Plunket check ups

Library visit- read book with Mama

~Got out some books on subjects we are currently interested in e.g. Sea Turtles, Dinosaurs, Water from Rain, Moon.

~As well as borrowed some new CDs and a new Audio book- CDs on: Opera and Rock music, and an audio book called ‘Otter Chaos’ a slightly longer story told over two CDs (thinking Mayhem could be challenged to listen to a longer story).

Home- Naps

Mayhem Home

Read our newly borrowed books

Played trains and built with blocks

Baths, PJs, Dinner

Bedtime stories


Day 89…



Music- Dance


Chores, dressed

Mayhem Kindy

Monkey Jolly Jumper

Mischief Watched  Dora Dinosaurs

Checking out our creations- T-Rex skull, Dino bones and ‘ROAR’ sign for Mischiefs Birthday celebrations next month

Reading books

Mayhem home- He had been a really helpful boy at Kindy today and was chosen to take home the kindy bear! She got to stay with us overnight and fill in her diary all about her adventures.

Made Train tracks and played trains

Did some baking- helping mummy make a chocolate cake for Daddy to take into work and helped mummy make the start of some coconut twists- which turned out delicious- but 10 times the size they should have been! (thanks to mum not reading the recipe properly hehehe)

Bath, PJs, Dinner

Read Books



Day 88…

Music- Dance



Chores & Dressed


Monkey Jolly Jumper + Balloon fun


Make more Dino bones

Mayhem playing with toys

Mischief Paints her ‘ROAR’ sign for her birthday party


Play with our dino bones


Bath, PJs, Dinner

READ stories



Day 87…



Watched: Lion King

Train Play

MagicSand Playdough


Clean Up

Morning Tea

Dinosaur Bone making (for Mischiefs birthday party)



Late lunch

Watched: Misty Island Rescue

Play Cookie Monster game

Dinner, Bath, PJs

Mischief: Read ‘MOVE’

Mayhem: Leap Pad- Human Body



Day 86…

Mischief and Mayhem went on Train trip with MAMA & GRANDAD…

They caught the train, played in the playground, explored a bit of town, read books and even had yummy ice-creams! And when they were all tuckered out and caught the train back- they Napped in the car and then had Fish’n’Chips at their great Nanas! Had showers, PJs and were all ready for bed when Mummy & Monkey came to pick them up…

What lucky little M&Ms!


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