• Breakfast
  • Watched Sesame Street & Peppa Pig
  • Dropped Daddy to Uni & listened to our Music & Bad Jelly audio CD
  • Helped Mummy to put the recycling into the bins at the Holiday Park

Recycling for kids is one way to pass the baton of responsibility for a cleaner, eco-friendly future on to the next generation…

Kids learn by example, and including them in the family’s recycling efforts offers them practical experience they can carry with them into adulthood.


  • Checked out & went for a play at the playground
  • Mayhem drew some lovely pictures of his family in the sand

An important point is reached when the child converts the linear scribble into an enclosed shape. The enclosed shape seems to be the focus of the child’s first attempt to make a realistic drawing. That first realistic drawing is frequently a primitive person. When lines are used as boundaries of objects we see a typical tadpole person, so named because it resembles a tadpole. One large circular shape with two lines extending as legs float on a page represents every man.

The simple act of drawing does indeed play an important role in a child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Like no other activity, drawing allows young children to express emotions, experience autonomy, and build confidence. Unfortunately, as they grow older, children lose their confidence in and enthusiasm for the one activity that can give so much pleasure. The next time you see a child scribbling with a marker or splattering paint onto a canvas, stop, admire, and praise his or her work. Who knows, your words of encouragement may inspire a future artist.


Mayhem’s drawing of Mummy:


  • Naps (in car while Mummy picked up Daddy for lunch)- listened to Peter abbit audio
  • Playground- went to Marine Parade- digging station, water station, ride ons, slides and climbing frames.

Fine motor skills, Gross motor skills, Coordination, Socialization- playing together, meeing new people, taking turns, social cues, Water play, Measurement- filling sandbuckets, filling water sinks, Action-Reaction, Sensory- pouring rocks down a metal cyclinder creating a wonderful sound on the way down, texture- rocks/ water/ bark/ sand/ grass, Vocabulary, Balance, Pretend play- creativity, imagination, Communication, Enjoyment & Fun.

  • Picked Daddy up & drove to Taupo
  • Dinner & ran around in the playground before getting into PJs
  • Mayhem plays on his leap pad while the other two nod off to sleep
  • HOME & Bed- sound asleep.


Now I know… “You started your ‘Term’ off with a family Road trip?! – Yep (crazy lady)… and super glad we did! It’s all part of the perks of an Everyday Education… although when you look at this post you might just see PLAYGROUNDS written throughout the day right up until bedtime (mostly because it kind of was)… BUT they were also part of EXPLORING- the novelty of a new play area, new surroundings & people (they made friends as they usually do when going to parks/ playgrounds), the different landscapes & layout of the town around us (Napier is so flat compared to home!)… and as for the Road Trip? Well they had to learn PATIENCE (not easy for preschoolers- or most children!) having to wait for us to FINALLY arrive at our destination, Mayhem especially wanted to help with organizing (packing bags), with a road travel they get the true idea of just how far away eveything is- by travelling it (& then when we refer back to maps they have a deeper understanding of scale & distance) and of course they get to spend some valuable family time together & creating memories!!! What a great kick start to our term I think!

Happy Tuesday Everyone 🙂