7am- Breakfast, WATER

730am- Stretch, Dance, Smile & Sing! (ac/dc Thunderstruck is a favourite of ours)

“Imagine this: you start your day feeling happy, joyful, grateful, connected to your body, and connected to your loved ones. Now take it a step further, imagine your kids start their day feeling that way too. Can you think of a more loving gift to give yourself and your family? Time to get down and boogie.”


-Dressed, Monkey Naps

-PLAY (while mummy has breaky)

915am- OUTSIDE FREE PLAY, eat crackers, Mummy does dishes, Monkey wakes13177394_10209391324880043_2343741217225016619_n

930am- TIDY UP TIME & Quiet play

1030am- Playing with toys together- Duplo blocks (building & pretend play), Monkey has solids & nappy change

11am- Mayhem Naps, Mischief has quiet time, Monkey- Read colours book, mirror time, walk in the garden- where we watch lady bugs,  a spider wrapping up a moth, look at colours in the garden- we see green, yellow, red and brown13226764_10209391335280303_4663065299941948257_n

1145am- Monkey Naps

1230pm- Monkey wakes & has bottle, Mischief & Mayhem get up, Change Monkey

1pm- Mischief & Mayhem have a cooked lunch


130pm- Rain cloud fun: colour in and stick dots onto our ‘ R Rain cloud worksheets’ …and then a few on the dog… we play with colours- food colouring, shampoo & water to make our own rain clouds in a cup!


2pm-OUTSIDE- Mayhem points out the clouds… Do they look like rain clouds? How can we tell? Perhaps the colour is a clue?13237767_10209391342240477_8008096905328614209_n

-Watch ‘The Wet Water Wizard’ video on YouTube, Monkey Naps13256089_10209391342360480_224835260789650019_n

-We listen to the ‘Water Cycle Song’

and Mayhem wants to watch the video AGAIN!

250pm- Peanut Butter Sandwiches & water

-We look at condensation with HOT water in a jar13227259_10209391343000496_1623027434075203104_o

3pm- Monkey wakes

OUTSIDE PLAY- Mischief has a turn on the swing, we all play Pirates in the boat13239229_10209391335520309_5726423231956563330_n

430pm- Baths, PJs

5pm- Watch “Horton hears a who”, Monkey feed

530pm- Green Smoothie & Omlette for dinner

615pm- Read Books

640pm- Bedtime.