7am- Breakfast

830am- Dressed

930am- colouring in, water cycle, song


945am- watch READING DVD & morning tea

1015am- Taste test mummy’s Chocolate Cake!

1030am- BAD JELLY audio CD

-All Nap

1230pm- Playground, Picnic & Beach- climbing ‘main sail’, sliding, swinging, feeding birds, chasing birds, building sand castles, digging for shells, decorating castles, eating our lunch, playing pretend & climbing trees!



330pm- Maths Adventure to the Moon DVD

4pm- Care Bears

430pm- Dinner, Baths & PJs

-Dance & Sing Water Cycle song

6pm- Mischief watches sleeping beauty and Mayhem plays with his leapband while mummy puts Monkey down for sleep

830pm- Bedtime