6am- wake… Watch sesame street

7am- Breakfast & PB sandwiches- We cut the sandwiches up into shapes: “we started with a square, cut in half makes a rectangle- two rectangles makes one whole square, cut in half again makes four little squares, these are called quarters. We can also cut these diagonally to make triangles! When we eat a piece we are subtracting. I have 8 pieces, I eat one piece now I have 7 left!”

Maths: Subtraction, shapes, fractions, number recognition, counting, vocabulary

Mayhem helps fold the washing- folding, piling, sorting, putting away & then directing Mischief when she comes to help out!

845am- Mayhem Kindy

11am- Cousin Mister comes to Play

130pm- Mischief and Monkey Nap

Pick up Mayhem from Kindy  & go shopping together

Home- Dinner, Bath, PJs

Mayhem Plays on leap pad- new letter factory game- Learning Alphabet sounds & recognition

Mischief plays with her new Dragon

Read bedtime stories