Day 79: Mayhem Kindy

We make pizzas for tea- the kids help, we do washing and clean up, and do a spot of shopping, watch our reading DVD, and sing songs. Made Greek Yoghurt with Mummy.

Making Greek yoghurt is quite a simple process- it was great to get Mayhem involved and to see what it’s made from. We used a themometer to measure the temperature of the milk- Mayhem really enjoyed checking the themomter to see when it was at the right temperature for adding the yeast and to tell when it reached boiling point (100’c)… and then to get the end product the next day and eat it with our breakfast- YUMMY!

Day 80: A quiet day at home, reading, playing with our toys, watching DVDs

(Mummy & Daddy have a Vintage Party tonight)


Mother’s Day Breakfast with Nanny & Daddys side of the family

– played with cousin Monster on the playground

Went to Westpac open day with Mama & Grandad

-saw some rescue helicopters up close and even got to hop inside