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June 2016

Day 107…





Colouring – A Good Luck card to give to Daddy (he has an exam tomorrow)


We play dinosaurs & Blocks



Tidy up time



Morning tea

Shopping for some treats to give to Daddy with his card & some groceries

Play in the Playground


Afternoon tea



Monkey practices sitting




Baths, PJs


Stories- Dora, Old McDonald





Day 106…





Watched Dora- Spanish

Morning tea & our party bags from yesterday!



Blow Bubbles


Tidy up time

Naps (mummy made a healthy Mexican lasagne- Yummy!)

Kids ate their lasagne for dinner

Played with our toys

Baths, PJs, Stories- Reading our Dora books -enjoying learning the Spanish words again



Day 105…

Phone was dead today so no pictures to share unfortunately- really sad that I didn’t get any pictures of Monster or the amazing digger cake!

Music- dance sing stretch

Breakfast + chores

Play with toys

Watched Finding Nemo

Mayhem helped Grandad outside in the garden


Went to cousin Monster’s birthday Digger party & had such a great time digging and playing with everyone and helping Monster to open his presents- what an awesome afternoon!

Picture from

Travelled home and fell asleep on the way


Day 104…

Music- Dance, sing


Played in playground

Lunch at Japanese restaurant- they love their sushi!



Played with train set – Mayhem was being so well behaved and helpful this morning that he and Mischief were allowed to choose a toy from the dollar store each. Mayhem chose the train set and said he would share it with Mischief. Mischief chose a pony.


Mayhem helped make dinner– he asked to do what I was doing (peeling kumara/ sweet potato) and I ended up leaving him to it & just watching while I fed Monkey- he peeled all the kumara, potatoes and carrots and with a bit of help managed to cut them all and placed them into the oven dish ready for roasting… he even tried doing the onion with Grandad and learnt first hand how it feels on the eyes when cutting onions… he asks “why do onions sting our eyes mummy?” – another question to add the  list 🙂



Baths, PJs, Bed

Day 103…

Music- Dance & Sing

Breakfast + Chores

Drew Pictures

Read ‘Where do babies come from’


Played with our toys


Video chat with Aunty C (from Perth)

Tidy Up Time (Mayhem has been singing the “tidy up song” from kindy)

Bathed Monkey

Mayhem & Mischief helped Grandad make a bonfire outside- spent some time running around and exploring in the backyard

Baths, PJs

Watched a movie


Saying goodnight to Mama before her & Grandad leave for their dress up dinner



Listened to audio book  (in the car)

Fell asleep in the car ride to get Mum & Dad some dinner

Day 102…

Music– dance, stretch, sing

Mayhem asks about how babies come out of their mummy’s tummy (this is not the first time he’s asked about this- he’s been asking since Mischief arrived & we’ve always been open and honest with him- trying to explain in a way that he could understand (& that is appropriate for his age) but he’s continued to ask especially after his baby brother arrived. So I decided that it might be easier to let him watch an animation (see below)… He also knows that some babies are cut out of their mothers tummy (as he was) and come naturally (as his brother & sister did) – mummy will push baby out (” kind of like when you push out poos- but babies don’t come out from the bottom, they come out of the vagina” is pretty much what we told him).

Before showing him the birth video I let him watch an animation of how  baby grows inside it’s mummys tummy:

(He thought the videos were great and asked to watch them again. He says “Ohhh, now I see how the baby comes out! -big smile).



Play dinosaurs


Sticker activity books



Listen to music


Play with our toys


Outside time- playing in the boat and sandpit

Morning tea & watch ‘Land Before Time’




Nap Time

Monkey Plays dinosaurs and rolls around on the floor


When we wake up we eat late lunch and play together…we can zoom our cars really fast down the hall!

Pack Bags for kindy tomorrow (Mischiefs first day).

Baths, PJs, Dinner, Bedtime stories, Bed.



Day 101…

The past week has been very busy- Mischief had settling visits at kindy, and we were preparing everything for her & Mister’s joint birthday party! With all the fun and changes going on we let our “learning days” sit to the side while we made adjustments.. this week we are back into the swing of things but our “off days” will be the days that Mischief & Mayhem are attending kindy.

Day 101:

Music- Dance, sing, stretch


Paint- we decorated some pieces which will become a wind chime! We used lots of pretty colours, glitter and jewels. When we’d finished painting the wooden pieces mummy gave us a box to paint. We used paint brushes and our fingers to create a masterpiece!

Mayhem asks if we can please go to the museum to see the Dinosaur bones- so we pack up a picnic and head out the door!

We all nap in the car before we arrive.

We go straight up to the Volcanoes and Mama & Mayhem go into a room where they experience what it might feel like to be near a volcanic erruption. We watch movies about the earth evolving and look at the big dinosaur bones- it really puts into perspective the size of the dinosaurs when we stand next to their skeletons! We peer through microscopes and look at rocks and fossils. We have fun exploring in the childrens ‘weird and wonderful’ area. We stop for some lunch and on the way out we get up close to some sharks! Before we leave we play under the stars- it is ‘Matariki’ time after all.


HOME- baths, dinner, bedtime stories.


Day 100…

We have reached our 100th day since we began our EVERYDAY EDUCATE journey!

There is still much to learn, discover and do… and we are loving every moment!

530am- Monkey Bottle, Bath, Dressed

Music- listening to our favourite wake up & stretch songs

630am- Mayhem Bath, Dressed, Mischief Bath, Dressed

Laundry folded & Put away

7am- Breakfast

730am- Chores (Monkey Nap)

745am- Playdough & Diinosaur play


815am- Dinosaur movie

(830am- Kitchen clean up)

930am-Morning Tea & Reading Books



1020am- Quiet Time (1050am Mummys Coffee stop)

11am- Naps

12pm- Colouring in: Mayhem told us he’s been learning abut fruit and vegetables at kindy- so I gave the kids some fruit & vegetable colouring in pages- these had a sentence next to each picture such as ” I see purple grapes”… and an apple counting- match the numbers page- Mayhem did a great job counting each apple- at first he wanted to draw the sam number of apples that he’d counted and match those to the correct number of apples…then he correctly drew lines matching the Number to the picture with the right number of apples & coloured them all in as he went.

They were also given some dinosaur colouring pages which read “The dinosaur is red” etc next to each picture- because the words were written in the colour eg. RED Mayhem was able to easily identify the colour he needed to use and managed to do them all correctly!


1230pm- Outside time: Dinosaur digging, Garden Exploring

We grabbed our dinosaur bones & fossils that we’d made and found some sand (along with a couple of snails which we gave new homes in the garden), we added sand to the shell and popped in our bones & became dinosaur fossil hunters!

Then we we went exploring in the jungle- we found toadstools, collected sticks for the fire and decided to follow the stream (under the bridges) and all the way to the fence line- we got a bit wet but we had a great time!

2pm- inside: watch  Jurassic Park, afternoon tea, Aunty H came over

Played with our toys- Mayhem on his leap pad, Mischief with her blocks & books, Monkey on the Jolly Jumper

Dinner, PJs, Chores

Bedtime Stories


That was a great way to spend our 100th Day!!!




Day 99…

Still getting through these colds- poor Mischief and Monkey are still very congested- but slowly getting over these horrid coughs.


Music- Dance, stretch, wake up, sing songs

Watch Elmo- Shapes We start pointing out all the different shapes we can see- bowls are round circles, cereal boxes are rectangles, our boiled eggs are ovals and when we cut them in half they are circles through the middle!


Chores- Put dishes away, make beds, brush teeth, feed cat, dressed

Mayhem Kindy (mummy makes mayhems sandwiches into lots of different shapes)

Monkey Naps

Mischief Dances with Mummy

Mischief Bath- plays with Balloon, dressed

Mama comes home & we go down to visit the kids Great Great Aunt & Uncle for lunch Monkey gets lots of lovely cuddles and attention, nd Mischief delights in running around and playfully hiding with Aunty- checking the mailbox outside and getting all muddy running through the wet squealchy mud!

Pick up Mayhem

Home- Mischief Naps

Mayhem has late afternoon tea and fills us in on his day at Kindy

Mischief and Monkey play- dinosaurs, pretend play in their room, leappad

Mayhem helps make dinner by getting out the spaghetti putting into the bowl and heating it up (with help from Mama)

Mayhem shows Mummy his drawing that he did at kindy ” Look mummy! I drew lots of fruit and vegetables at kindy today! (he names each thing he drew)” and then explains how they are learning about them at kindy- how they grow in the ground and that eating these things are very important because they help you grow big and strong!

Mummy suddenly isn’t feeling too well and needs to lie down- takes Monkey for a feed & hops into bed while Daddy sorts the kids into PJs & Bed.

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