With Monkey AND Mischief now sick with colds & coughs- we are getting little sleep and unsettled throughout the day as it’s too icy cold to go play outside- poor Mayhem seems to be gettng cabin fever (being cooped up indoors for too long equals double Mayhem and double the noise!)… but we still manage to find some interesting things to keep us occupied.



Music- Listen & Dance (stretch & wake up)


Chores (make beds, brush teeth, put dishes in sink, feed cat)


Excited to see our finished pinata that the kids helped paper mache on the weekend- Mummy put the finishing touches on during the night- Now it’s all ready for Mischief birthday party! (what’s great about making projects like this with the kids- is they not only get an Art & Craft lesson- but the creation also serves a purpose! They get to display their creation to their friends and family and it links the learning to how it is relevent within their everyday lives- in this case- preparing for a special occassion).


Watched Jurasic Park (the kids are obsessed with Dinosaurs at the moment- and although we tried to talk them out of watching this one thinking it was too scary… they absolutely love all 3 of the movies! and haven’t given them nightmares or put them off dinosaurs at all).. I suppose it gives them a sense of the scale of the dinosaurs next to a person and just how magnificent and scary someof them might have been.

Played with our Duplo- we made a shed for our fire truck- Mayhem created his own stairs from the rooftop going down to the ground floor and Mischief made the rooftop into a zoo with all the animals she could find- we did a really good job at working together and playing nicely- helping each other find the blocks we needed for different parts and searching for the right shapes to fit together.

Helped Mummy fold and sort out the washing


Played Doctors & Pet Care on mummy’s phone- Mostly this was Mayhem working the phone while Mischief watched on and instructed her brother what to do.


Late Lunch

Read Books

Watched another Jurassic Movie while Mummy & Mama struggled to get Monkey settled

Mummy helped Mayhem make a little train track before Mischief eventually came and sat on- much to Mayhems horror

Mayhem asks Daddy about his beer (Daddy started on a Brew in the weekend & the kids had a great time watching it bubble away all day)…Daddy explains to the kids what is happening and shows Mayhem a book of Elements to help explain. Mayhem excitedly points out that ” OXYGEN is what the blood moves all around our bodies along with Nutrients!”

Mayhem asks Daddy to draw him a picture about how to make wine (because Daddy also has wine in the corner) …so they sit at the table and Daddy explains- Mayhem is excited- He says he wants to grow big and strong so that he can make wine and beer just like his Dad!


Baths, PJs, Dinner

Chores (put toys away, feed Dogs, Brush teeth)

Bedtime Stories