Music- Dance, stretch, wake up- Listen to Water cycle song (which we sing at the top of our lungs!) and other educational songs like the weather song.


Chores- Put dishes away, make beds, brush teeth, dressed, feed cat

Watch Jurassic Park

Play dinosaurs we can name the different kinds of dinosaurs, we can put them into groups, we show Monkey and we “Roar” loudly and stomp around


Morning Tea



Play dinosaurs

Balloon Play Hitting, grabbing, passing, chasing, they love the squeeky sounds they can make, and squeal with delight as it ” floats” through the air

Pretend play- The kids enjoy grabbing boxes and their soft couches and turning them into a bus/ space ship and playing together in their room


We help Mummy Bake a cake we like to measure, find the ingredients, stir it the the bowl, and taste test of course!


Read library books- water comes from rain and lets build a rocketship

Baths, PJs, Dinner

Read Bedtime stories