We have reached our 100th day since we began our EVERYDAY EDUCATE journey!

There is still much to learn, discover and do… and we are loving every moment!

530am- Monkey Bottle, Bath, Dressed

Music- listening to our favourite wake up & stretch songs

630am- Mayhem Bath, Dressed, Mischief Bath, Dressed

Laundry folded & Put away

7am- Breakfast

730am- Chores (Monkey Nap)

745am- Playdough & Diinosaur play


815am- Dinosaur movie

(830am- Kitchen clean up)

930am-Morning Tea & Reading Books



1020am- Quiet Time (1050am Mummys Coffee stop)

11am- Naps

12pm- Colouring in: Mayhem told us he’s been learning abut fruit and vegetables at kindy- so I gave the kids some fruit & vegetable colouring in pages- these had a sentence next to each picture such as ” I see purple grapes”… and an apple counting- match the numbers page- Mayhem did a great job counting each apple- at first he wanted to draw the sam number of apples that he’d counted and match those to the correct number of apples…then he correctly drew lines matching the Number to the picture with the right number of apples & coloured them all in as he went.

They were also given some dinosaur colouring pages which read “The dinosaur is red” etc next to each picture- because the words were written in the colour eg. RED Mayhem was able to easily identify the colour he needed to use and managed to do them all correctly!


1230pm- Outside time: Dinosaur digging, Garden Exploring

We grabbed our dinosaur bones & fossils that we’d made and found some sand (along with a couple of snails which we gave new homes in the garden), we added sand to the shell and popped in our bones & became dinosaur fossil hunters!

Then we we went exploring in the jungle- we found toadstools, collected sticks for the fire and decided to follow the stream (under the bridges) and all the way to the fence line- we got a bit wet but we had a great time!

2pm- inside: watch  Jurassic Park, afternoon tea, Aunty H came over

Played with our toys- Mayhem on his leap pad, Mischief with her blocks & books, Monkey on the Jolly Jumper

Dinner, PJs, Chores

Bedtime Stories


That was a great way to spend our 100th Day!!!