Still getting through these colds- poor Mischief and Monkey are still very congested- but slowly getting over these horrid coughs.


Music- Dance, stretch, wake up, sing songs

Watch Elmo- Shapes We start pointing out all the different shapes we can see- bowls are round circles, cereal boxes are rectangles, our boiled eggs are ovals and when we cut them in half they are circles through the middle!


Chores- Put dishes away, make beds, brush teeth, feed cat, dressed

Mayhem Kindy (mummy makes mayhems sandwiches into lots of different shapes)

Monkey Naps

Mischief Dances with Mummy

Mischief Bath- plays with Balloon, dressed

Mama comes home & we go down to visit the kids Great Great Aunt & Uncle for lunch Monkey gets lots of lovely cuddles and attention, nd Mischief delights in running around and playfully hiding with Aunty- checking the mailbox outside and getting all muddy running through the wet squealchy mud!

Pick up Mayhem

Home- Mischief Naps

Mayhem has late afternoon tea and fills us in on his day at Kindy

Mischief and Monkey play- dinosaurs, pretend play in their room, leappad

Mayhem helps make dinner by getting out the spaghetti putting into the bowl and heating it up (with help from Mama)

Mayhem shows Mummy his drawing that he did at kindy ” Look mummy! I drew lots of fruit and vegetables at kindy today! (he names each thing he drew)” and then explains how they are learning about them at kindy- how they grow in the ground and that eating these things are very important because they help you grow big and strong!

Mummy suddenly isn’t feeling too well and needs to lie down- takes Monkey for a feed & hops into bed while Daddy sorts the kids into PJs & Bed.