The past week has been very busy- Mischief had settling visits at kindy, and we were preparing everything for her & Mister’s joint birthday party! With all the fun and changes going on we let our “learning days” sit to the side while we made adjustments.. this week we are back into the swing of things but our “off days” will be the days that Mischief & Mayhem are attending kindy.

Day 101:

Music- Dance, sing, stretch


Paint- we decorated some pieces which will become a wind chime! We used lots of pretty colours, glitter and jewels. When we’d finished painting the wooden pieces mummy gave us a box to paint. We used paint brushes and our fingers to create a masterpiece!

Mayhem asks if we can please go to the museum to see the Dinosaur bones- so we pack up a picnic and head out the door!

We all nap in the car before we arrive.

We go straight up to the Volcanoes and Mama & Mayhem go into a room where they experience what it might feel like to be near a volcanic erruption. We watch movies about the earth evolving and look at the big dinosaur bones- it really puts into perspective the size of the dinosaurs when we stand next to their skeletons! We peer through microscopes and look at rocks and fossils. We have fun exploring in the childrens ‘weird and wonderful’ area. We stop for some lunch and on the way out we get up close to some sharks! Before we leave we play under the stars- it is ‘Matariki’ time after all.


HOME- baths, dinner, bedtime stories.