Music– dance, stretch, sing

Mayhem asks about how babies come out of their mummy’s tummy (this is not the first time he’s asked about this- he’s been asking since Mischief arrived & we’ve always been open and honest with him- trying to explain in a way that he could understand (& that is appropriate for his age) but he’s continued to ask especially after his baby brother arrived. So I decided that it might be easier to let him watch an animation (see below)… He also knows that some babies are cut out of their mothers tummy (as he was) and come naturally (as his brother & sister did) – mummy will push baby out (” kind of like when you push out poos- but babies don’t come out from the bottom, they come out of the vagina” is pretty much what we told him).

Before showing him the birth video I let him watch an animation of how  baby grows inside it’s mummys tummy:

(He thought the videos were great and asked to watch them again. He says “Ohhh, now I see how the baby comes out! -big smile).



Play dinosaurs


Sticker activity books



Listen to music


Play with our toys


Outside time- playing in the boat and sandpit

Morning tea & watch ‘Land Before Time’




Nap Time

Monkey Plays dinosaurs and rolls around on the floor


When we wake up we eat late lunch and play together…we can zoom our cars really fast down the hall!

Pack Bags for kindy tomorrow (Mischiefs first day).

Baths, PJs, Dinner, Bedtime stories, Bed.