Music- Dance, sing


Played in playground

Lunch at Japanese restaurant- they love their sushi!



Played with train set – Mayhem was being so well behaved and helpful this morning that he and Mischief were allowed to choose a toy from the dollar store each. Mayhem chose the train set and said he would share it with Mischief. Mischief chose a pony.


Mayhem helped make dinner– he asked to do what I was doing (peeling kumara/ sweet potato) and I ended up leaving him to it & just watching while I fed Monkey- he peeled all the kumara, potatoes and carrots and with a bit of help managed to cut them all and placed them into the oven dish ready for roasting… he even tried doing the onion with Grandad and learnt first hand how it feels on the eyes when cutting onions… he asks “why do onions sting our eyes mummy?” – another question to add the  list 🙂



Baths, PJs, Bed