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July 2016

Day 121…

After yesterdays craziness- we ALL needed to get out and let off some steam! So we met up with Aunty S, Master & Manic and did some climbing at Clip n Climb (we were all so good listening to the safety briefing!), then popped across the road to get some food and headed over to the park for a picnic and play at the playground! What a wonderful way to spend the day!




Day 120…

We Didn't Realize We Were Making Memories - Thumbnail

MESS! Was the theme of the day… and although some messes come with pleasant outcomes (like that of the day before (helping Mama bake cheesy bread)…YUM!

Todays messes were more horrifying for poor Mummy… The kids had requested to watch a favourite dinosaur movie which Mummy put on in her room and tucked them into bed ready to see the snoring for a mid morning nap… The kids had other ideas- and were soon sent into their rooms to clean up their blocks and get ready for a rest while mummy and Monkey had a quiet play and a hot drink.

Little did we realize that the banging going on was not of putting things away and perhaps being a little rough with their play kitchen …But in fact was the making of the biggest mess they have made yet!


Now although mummy was extremely upset with this behaviour and they were not in her good books- I did recall a few times hearing that mess helps creativity, imagination and genius thinking- even if this isn’t true I know for a fact that they had a heck of a great time making this mess (to be honest I was quietly impressed at Mayhems persistence to manage to somehow climb up and push ALL of my full boxes from on top of the wardrobe -they were very heavy for a little boy! – and amazing not hurt his sister in the process… that is one determined kid!)… so although I wanted to write this day off as a total disaster- I figured that somewhere inside the chaos there was probably a little learning going on somewhere …if not for them- for me (that is ‘no matter how big the disaster looks- taken one piece at a time- it can always be cleaned up again’ and “this phase won’t last forever!”)

Day 117 – 119

Russell Trip : to watch the Birdman Competition

We took Aunty H up to the family Bach for the weekend (Daddy was away on a Boys weekend of his own) and watch the Birdman competition- a competition where teams make ‘flying contraptions’ and jump off the wharf (the furthest to go wins).

We had so much fun exploring the things to do- they had a set up in the hall for the children to play playdough, arts n craft and obstacles to play with. There were singing pirates, a merry go round and owls (that scared Mischief a little). we spotted rainbows and boats, climbed trees, danced after lunch, watched firemen putting out fires, and played on the beach- collecting rocks and throwing stones and even though it was freezing we were the only kids who jumped in and had a swim while the crowds watched the people jumping off the wharf and dancing as they went… once back at the Bach we had nice warm showers, PJs and played with our blocks.

It was a wonderful weekend away at our family home away from home.


Day 116…

We got out of the house nice and early this morning after packing some morning tea.

We made a stop at the home of one of Mama’s clients and were invited in to play with the little girl that lives there- we had such a fun time sharing her toys and playing racing with the cars… so much so that Mayhem invited her to come over another time and was determined that we’d go back in the afternoon.

Then Mummy and Mama surprized us with a trip to ‘Kids Kingdom!’

It had all sorts of great rides for kids and inside was a huge play area- we had an amazing time. We had some lunch and also went for a walk into the adults theme park so we could see what the big rides looked like- they looked fun and some looked scary! Everyone had to line up for each ride and take turns, and when they came off the ride almost everyone had a big smile on their face!

Day 115

A playful morning – playing pretend under the kitchen table, playing with our toys and getting ready for the day ahead.


We went out and Daddy got his haircut while we napped/ listened to audio books and music CDs in the car.

Then we went for Yum Cha lunch…and we ALL behaved so beautifully, we sat and tried all the different foods and drank some lovely Chinese tea…then Nanny joined us! It was such a nice surprise!


We went to Nanny & Grandads and played with cousin Monster outside- digging and riding on the trucks and bikes and diggers- we were so good taking turns together.

Then we went inside and found the new duplo sets Nanny had bought! WOW! We helped build a safari zoo with crocodiles and tigers and monkeys… and there were planes and trains too- it was so much fun! Even the adults had a go at building with us.

After we tidied up and had dinner it was time to head home for a well deserved rest!

Day 114…

We had breakfast, played with our toys- making volcanoes with our duplo blocks for the dinosaurs, we tidied up and went to do some shopping with mummy, then we dropped our shopping home and went back to the playground- had some lunch first in the car (sushi) – we had so much fun- climbing, swinging, water play, doing exercises on the machines…


After all the fun- mummy dragged us back to the car to go home for a much needed afternoon nap. After a good rest we had afternoon tea, played and read together, helped get dinner ready and then had baths, PJs, bedtime stories and Sleep!

Day 113…


We had a quiet morning of dino play- Mayhem loves to make us sit and put the dinosaurs into their families- he likes to tell us that “This is the mummy, daddy, brother, sister, baby…” and then we play- usually we are acting out scenes from his favourite dinosaur movies (The Land Before Time movies are some of their favourites).

Monkey enjoys chilling out in the washing basket lately while he has his bottle and watches his siblings- he also enjoys rolling around on the carpet with them- he is very close to crawling and is getting better at sitting.


We want to paint- so we sit at the table and get creative!

Mayhem wants to paint his name, he manages the first letter. so Mummy asks if he’d like her to paint it on another piece of paper so he can copy it- which he says ‘yes please’… he does a great job at getting half of the letters correct and in the right order. “Well done Mayhem!”


…at some point Mischief disappears and reappears green!


Mayhem then puts on her DVD – Wiggles “Apples and Bananas” for her to dance and sing along to… she quickly rushes to the fruit bowl, grabs an apple and banana and begins chomping away and dancing her little legs off!


We find one of mummy’s liquid chalk pens- we take turns at drawing on the windows- this is fun! Then mummy has a turn. She draws some stars (Matariki) and asks us to count how many she draws. On one window we count 5 stars. On the other window we count another 5 stars. Mummy says “so how many do we have ALTOGETHER?” we count all of the stars…”Ten!”  …Mummy says “YES! In Math we write it like this… (she draws it for us) 5+5=10”


Day 112…

We spent the morning outside today- helping mama tidy up the leaves, exploring, we took turns on the swing: counting ten pushes each, then  we counted in Spanish, we also did skip counting in tens all the way to 100! and we counted in fives too all the way to 100! We did a really good job at taking turns- which was a little bit hard for Mischief at first, but then she really got into it and had a great time!

In the afternoon we headed off for a trip to Kelly Tarltons and took our Kindy bear who has been staying with us for the week because Mayhem was making such great choices at Kindy. We had lots of fun- we did a “Finding Dory” Quiz trail and saw lots of wonderful creatures- we loved seeing the Penguins and had so much fun dancing under the pretty lights in the seahorse aquarium… Mischief even found Dory which made her really excited!

Day 111…

Lovely day to be outside!

We spent the whole afternoon outdoors- rummaging through old boxes of toys, playing in the leaves, exploring through the bushes, and getting icky in the mud, playing on our scooters and finding all sorts of interesting bits and bobs in our backyard.. making mud piles was good fun!

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