This was not a fun day for mummy in the beginning!

The kids had a wonderful morning creating messes and having fun in their bedroom- so much in fact that Mayhem decided to go ALL out and POO in his room…and then HIDE it underneath a whole heap of things!!! (needless to say- mummy was mortified! & cleaned it up- had a little cry and a cuppa-tea before regaining some strength to carry on)…



We then sat at the kitchen table with Grandad and did some painting – mummy gave us a big bunch of different brushes and sponges to play with and we made some wonderful masterpieces (which included painting on the table of course).


We went down to Great Nanas for lunch with the family- had fallen asleep in the car (which is all of a 5minute drive) and so woke up literally bouncing off the walls (much to mummy’s delight- NOT).

Head back home in the afternoon- and mummy decides we need some fresh air (even though it’s icy cold outside) and to burn off some energy!… so to the boat we go (or mummy sits in the boat and watches) – we dig in the mud with the diggers, play with the sand (get bored after 5minutes and want to go inside…mummy insists we should go jump in the muddy puddles)… we jump in the huge puddles- mummy gives Mischief a ball to throw in the puddle— AND we have hit the jackpot!

…we spend the next hour or so throwing ALL the balls (the plastic ones you put in ball pits) into the puddle- we look at the colours and say the names, we throw the diggers in too and start making mud pies and dig with our shovels… we have so much fun!


Then it starts to get dark and the rain begins to bucket down so we pack up, take off our wet muddy gear and jump into the bath…Bubbles galore!

Into our PJs, dinner and story time…then BED!