We spent the morning outside today- helping mama tidy up the leaves, exploring, we took turns on the swing: counting ten pushes each, then  we counted in Spanish, we also did skip counting in tens all the way to 100! and we counted in fives too all the way to 100! We did a really good job at taking turns- which was a little bit hard for Mischief at first, but then she really got into it and had a great time!

In the afternoon we headed off for a trip to Kelly Tarltons and took our Kindy bear who has been staying with us for the week because Mayhem was making such great choices at Kindy. We had lots of fun- we did a “Finding Dory” Quiz trail and saw lots of wonderful creatures- we loved seeing the Penguins and had so much fun dancing under the pretty lights in the seahorse aquarium… Mischief even found Dory which made her really excited!