We had a quiet morning of dino play- Mayhem loves to make us sit and put the dinosaurs into their families- he likes to tell us that “This is the mummy, daddy, brother, sister, baby…” and then we play- usually we are acting out scenes from his favourite dinosaur movies (The Land Before Time movies are some of their favourites).

Monkey enjoys chilling out in the washing basket lately while he has his bottle and watches his siblings- he also enjoys rolling around on the carpet with them- he is very close to crawling and is getting better at sitting.


We want to paint- so we sit at the table and get creative!

Mayhem wants to paint his name, he manages the first letter. so Mummy asks if he’d like her to paint it on another piece of paper so he can copy it- which he says ‘yes please’… he does a great job at getting half of the letters correct and in the right order. “Well done Mayhem!”


…at some point Mischief disappears and reappears green!


Mayhem then puts on her DVD – Wiggles “Apples and Bananas” for her to dance and sing along to… she quickly rushes to the fruit bowl, grabs an apple and banana and begins chomping away and dancing her little legs off!


We find one of mummy’s liquid chalk pens- we take turns at drawing on the windows- this is fun! Then mummy has a turn. She draws some stars (Matariki) and asks us to count how many she draws. On one window we count 5 stars. On the other window we count another 5 stars. Mummy says “so how many do we have ALTOGETHER?” we count all of the stars…”Ten!”  …Mummy says “YES! In Math we write it like this… (she draws it for us) 5+5=10”