A playful morning – playing pretend under the kitchen table, playing with our toys and getting ready for the day ahead.


We went out and Daddy got his haircut while we napped/ listened to audio books and music CDs in the car.

Then we went for Yum Cha lunch…and we ALL behaved so beautifully, we sat and tried all the different foods and drank some lovely Chinese tea…then Nanny joined us! It was such a nice surprise!


We went to Nanny & Grandads and played with cousin Monster outside- digging and riding on the trucks and bikes and diggers- we were so good taking turns together.

Then we went inside and found the new duplo sets Nanny had bought! WOW! We helped build a safari zoo with crocodiles and tigers and monkeys… and there were planes and trains too- it was so much fun! Even the adults had a go at building with us.

After we tidied up and had dinner it was time to head home for a well deserved rest!