Russell Trip : to watch the Birdman Competition

We took Aunty H up to the family Bach for the weekend (Daddy was away on a Boys weekend of his own) and watch the Birdman competition- a competition where teams make ‘flying contraptions’ and jump off the wharf (the furthest to go wins).

We had so much fun exploring the things to do- they had a set up in the hall for the children to play playdough, arts n craft and obstacles to play with. There were singing pirates, a merry go round and owls (that scared Mischief a little). we spotted rainbows and boats, climbed trees, danced after lunch, watched firemen putting out fires, and played on the beach- collecting rocks and throwing stones and even though it was freezing we were the only kids who jumped in and had a swim while the crowds watched the people jumping off the wharf and dancing as they went… once back at the Bach we had nice warm showers, PJs and played with our blocks.

It was a wonderful weekend away at our family home away from home.