We Didn't Realize We Were Making Memories - Thumbnail

MESS! Was the theme of the day… and although some messes come with pleasant outcomes (like that of the day before (helping Mama bake cheesy bread)…YUM!

Todays messes were more horrifying for poor Mummy… The kids had requested to watch a favourite dinosaur movie which Mummy put on in her room and tucked them into bed ready to see the snoring for a mid morning nap… The kids had other ideas- and were soon sent into their rooms to clean up their blocks and get ready for a rest while mummy and Monkey had a quiet play and a hot drink.

Little did we realize that the banging going on was not of putting things away and perhaps being a little rough with their play kitchen …But in fact was the making of the biggest mess they have made yet!


Now although mummy was extremely upset with this behaviour and they were not in her good books- I did recall a few times hearing that mess helps creativity, imagination and genius thinking- even if this isn’t true I know for a fact that they had a heck of a great time making this mess (to be honest I was quietly impressed at Mayhems persistence to manage to somehow climb up and push ALL of my full boxes from on top of the wardrobe -they were very heavy for a little boy! – and amazing not hurt his sister in the process… that is one determined kid!)… so although I wanted to write this day off as a total disaster- I figured that somewhere inside the chaos there was probably a little learning going on somewhere …if not for them- for me (that is ‘no matter how big the disaster looks- taken one piece at a time- it can always be cleaned up again’ and “this phase won’t last forever!”)