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August 2016

Day 126…

We spent a fun morning with Mama and the dogs today… We stopped off at the dam to see where the water is collected…then to Kakamatua “Dog”Beach- the dogs LOVE it there! Here we ate morning tea and had great fun running around with the dogs and splashing in the water, Mayhem did some drawing in the sand… then we packed up and went to the Huia Food Store for some yummy Lunch and treats! Such a great time enjoying and exploring the outdoors this week!


Day 125…

Made the most of the good weather today- Took the kids out to the ¬†Auckland Botanic Gardens. Before we went we printed off some of the Scavenger Hunt list and List of things to do at the Gardens- we packed some lunch and had a great time exploring, enjoying the outdoors and finding new plants… Mayhem was able to point out a few different plants such as a cactus which he informed me Camels (I think he said- ooops someone wasn’t listening too carefully) like to eat. We found some excellent places to play and run and hide… a MUST do again for another day- and hopefully we’ll get around to even more of the gardens… there’s even a historic garden full of plants that were around in dinosaur times!

Day 124…

I was a bit slack keeping up with what we did this day- But basically it consisted of the following…

Lego (Mummy drew out some shapes and asked Mayhem if he could find the right blocks to make these ‘towers’- He gladly got to work!)

Drawing- Mischief loves to draw. They grab out their books that Mama gave them and away they go. Mayhem showed me how he drew the number 10! He asked me to take a picture and show Daddy (done).

Tidying and sorting. -Mayhem decided half way through making the block towers that he needed to find more blocks- and the best way to do so would be to tidy up his toys and sort them out.

Baking- made some yummy cookies with Mama.

Fishing farm game- Mayhem showed Mama how great he is at catching the bears and making lots of money selling fish eggs.

Watch hi5- Mischief loves dancing and singing away.

Did I mention that Monkey is now crawling? He’s rather cleaver now at moving around the place!




Day 123…

The last week has been horrendous! Poor Monkey came down with some sort of tummy bug and it really took it’s toll on the whole family with all nighters and non-stop liquid coming from either end of our wee man… then having Mayhem and Mischief coming down with Sore throats and colds- the winter bugs truly found us finally!

But we slowly came out the other end a little weary but grateful to have our kids looking and feeling better… so back to the magic of everyday we went!

Still being not 100% we chose to lay low for today… We built wonderful towers with our duplo. Found trinkets around the house… we of course found the noisiest things- whistles- Hooray! We did a little bit of our activity books- and Mayhems old obsession with coins has found its way back and he manages to sniff out any coins that might be mying around the house! So naturally he finds all kinds of containers to carry them around in and brings them out to show us once in a while.

We popped over to the library to take some books and CDs back, and found that we were just in time for Wriggle and Rhyme so we stayed and let Monkey and Mischief really get into it all- they loved the bubbles and Mischief grabbed a few teddies to do the actions with (it was very sweet)- Mayhem being rather tired was not in the slightest bit amused at having to sit and sing baby songs (for “so long!” ). We found a few DVDs and went home with a couple of treats from the bakery.

We watched a movie as we lit the fire and snuggled up- Mischief suddenly came down with a fever and needed special snuggles with Grandad.

Monkey lay on the floor playing with planes and dinosaurs.

Mayhem brought out his coins and made us count them all.

We read stories, played with our toys, made some train tracks, tidied up.

Bath, PJs, Dinner and Bedtime.


Day: 122…

What can we say- For a very chilly day- we spent a lot of the morning inside… We took out the new books and pens Mama gifted us and had a fun time drawing, giving writing a try, colouring and counting. Watched one of our favourite Maths DVDs- Maths Adventure to the Moon. We entertained ourselves by having picnis under the kitchen table, played blocks and made messes, tidied up, had naps… and then Mummy made us go outside for some fresh air in the afternoon- we played with our scooters, diggers and balanced along the rock wall…then we got into the mud puddles- We just LOVE our muddy puddle time!


And then into the bath, PJs, dinner, stories and bedtime.


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