The last week has been horrendous! Poor Monkey came down with some sort of tummy bug and it really took it’s toll on the whole family with all nighters and non-stop liquid coming from either end of our wee man… then having Mayhem and Mischief coming down with Sore throats and colds- the winter bugs truly found us finally!

But we slowly came out the other end a little weary but grateful to have our kids looking and feeling better… so back to the magic of everyday we went!

Still being not 100% we chose to lay low for today… We built wonderful towers with our duplo. Found trinkets around the house… we of course found the noisiest things- whistles- Hooray! We did a little bit of our activity books- and Mayhems old obsession with coins has found its way back and he manages to sniff out any coins that might be mying around the house! So naturally he finds all kinds of containers to carry them around in and brings them out to show us once in a while.

We popped over to the library to take some books and CDs back, and found that we were just in time for Wriggle and Rhyme so we stayed and let Monkey and Mischief really get into it all- they loved the bubbles and Mischief grabbed a few teddies to do the actions with (it was very sweet)- Mayhem being rather tired was not in the slightest bit amused at having to sit and sing baby songs (for “so long!” ). We found a few DVDs and went home with a couple of treats from the bakery.

We watched a movie as we lit the fire and snuggled up- Mischief suddenly came down with a fever and needed special snuggles with Grandad.

Monkey lay on the floor playing with planes and dinosaurs.

Mayhem brought out his coins and made us count them all.

We read stories, played with our toys, made some train tracks, tidied up.

Bath, PJs, Dinner and Bedtime.